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Find the Best Sydney Dating Sites!

Comparing Sydney dating sites can seem like a massive task, with millions of options (and some way better quality than others!). Best10 is here to make dating better, with a fast-track review of the best dating sites in Sydney, independently tested and rated.

Displaying our pick of the Best Sydney Dating Sites

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One of the original dating sites, focused on serious, long-term romance.

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Best On Mobile

Intelligent Matchmaking for Single Professionals.

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For Over 50s

Offers online dating to the ever-increasing 'mature' (50+) age group

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For Over 50s

Popular for ease of use & excellent customer service. Dedicated to the Over 50s.

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Great Value

Friendly, fun site founded by a single parent.

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How We Choose the Top Dating Sites in Sydney

Choosing the best free dating sites in Sydney isn't a responsibility we take lightly - we are passionate about love and making sure every single person in the world has all the resources they need to find their happily ever after!

That's why Best10 upholds strict policies about what we look for in Australian dating sites that we're happy to recommend. Each site we review goes through an assessment, where we create a 'secret shopper' account to see first hand how all the features work, what sort of prices are attached to premium subscriptions, and whether any spammers or fake profiles are causing a nuisance.

Behind every list of top rated dating sites in Sydney is a complete, honest and independent account of our findings, complete with screenshots, full pricing tables and pros and cons to help you work out if the dating platform feels right for you.

We check out all the factors that matter, such as:

  • Security and privacy.
  • Messaging features.
  • Ease of registration.
  • Value for money.
  • Membership demographics.
  • Compatibility of our matches.

Only if we think it's a brilliant Sydney dating service do we ever consider endorsing a dating site - and there is stiff competition for the number one spot!

Finding Your Ideal Sydney Dating Site

So, why do we have multiple lists of the best free dating sites in Sydney ? The answer is simple - because what you want from a relationship and the ideal kind of men or women you'd like to meet won't be the same as the next person.

It's clear that singles all have different hopes and goals, and you might be looking for:

  • Casual dates to get back into the dating scene.
  • Mature dating opportunities to meet like-minded people.
  • Serious relationships and long-term commitment.
  • Educated professional partners who share your lifestyle.

Those are a few of the many examples. Our categories are designed to help you jump to the section that resonates most with your relationship ideals, to make your dating adventures more relevant, faster, and ultimately more fun!

Online Dating Safety in Sydney

We always give a word of caution about online dating - even though it's much safer and more secure than meeting singles at a bar or in any other walk of life! The issue with poor online free dating sites in Sydney is that the security settings aren't sufficient to prevent spammers from joining or creating fake profiles to entice singles out of financial information (or even persuading people to send them money transfers!).

It's not just unethical and annoying. It's unfair, so we work diligently to identify all of the security flaws in any Sydney dating site and recommend only those platforms that we think have outstanding privacy settings.

In any case, make sure you never share personal information with anybody you meet online, and always use a dating platform with verified profiles, so you know precisely whom you are chatting with!

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