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If you find it hard to meet eligible LGBT singles in Canada, know that you aren't alone! The majority of Canadian dating apps are aimed at your standard straight singles - but the great news is, there are some fantastic LGBT sites out there! Best10 is here to help, with our independent ranking of the best of the best.

Last Updated: May, 2024

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Vibrant Bisexual Community, Extensive Search.

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Exclusively for crossdressers and their admirers.

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Vibrant Lesbian Community, Extensive Search.

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Geared towards fun transgender dating.

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Ideal If You're A Man Looking For A Man...

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Finding Your Top LGBT Date Platform in Canada

Ok, so let's be clear - the perfect LGBT date site for you might not be the best one for me, so it's always crucial to think about your relationship aspirations and lifestyle values to pick the perfect place to find a partner!

Once a space for illicit affairs and dodgy hookups, Canadian online dating has come a long, long way in the last few years.

It caters to everyone, whether you're non-binary, gay, transgender, into lesbian dating, or experimenting with your love life.

The Best10DatingGuide LGBT ratings are based on our independent reviews of the top gay dating platforms.

However, you can dive a bit deeper into each recommended platform and check out individual reviews to find out:

  • How much the site costs - and what you get in return for your subscription dollars.
  • What apps, features and tools are on offer to help you find brilliant dates?
  • The areas covered (yeah, we know, Canada isn't exactly a small place!).

Our reviews also include tips and knowledge from the dating experts and screenshots, so you know just what you're in for when you sign up!

Why Canadian LGBT Dating Apps Matter

LGBT singles come in all sizes, shapes, ages and colours, so it's crucial to have inclusive online communities where they can benefit from the same convenience as any other single person in Canada.

For example, let's say I'm a mature gay guy looking for a committed partnership.

I'm not super keen on hamming it up with the 20-something's in my local gay bar (however fun that might be!), and it's undoubtedly not going to find me a compatible guy.

Online dating for LGBT singles is important since generic dating platforms rarely make non-CIS or non binary singles, queer people or lesbians feel comfortable.

Conservative estimates are that there are almost a million LGBT people in Canada, so if you'd like to narrow that down into the folks you'd want to date, an LGBT dating site is your go-to resource!

5 Key Benefits Of LGBTQ Dating Sites

1. Connect with a Greater Diversity of People

You can meet singles who are looking for the same things as you, and may come from different backgrounds than what you’re used to. This opens up more opportunities for meaningful connections and shared experiences that expand beyond just more traditional heteronormative relationships.

2. Find Support from Like-Minded Individuals

Joining a lesbian dating site, for example, can provide a sense of community that may not be present in other areas of your life. Here, you can connect with people who understand the unique struggles and triumphs associated with identifying as part of the LGBT community, allowing for a greater level of empathy and understanding within your romantic relationships.

3. Promote Openness and Inclusivity

Users will be more open about their sexual orientation without worrying about judgment or discrimination, fostering an overall atmosphere of acceptance and inclusivity - something that can be hard to find in physical locations like bars or clubs.

4. Develop Longer Lasting Connections

Form potentially deeper and longer lasting bonds than may be possible through random dates or one-off dates found on traditional sites like Tinder or Bumble.

5. Increase Awareness & Education

LGBT dating sites have the potential to increase awareness by educating its users about topics important to this demographic such as safe sex practices, civil rights issues, and legal protection laws relevant to their area.

Canadian Dating Sites

Dating apps are changing the Canadian dating scene in 2022. Canadians of all ages, from millennials to seniors, are taking advantage of the various services offered by these apps for a convenient and safe way of finding potential love interests and meeting new people.

Some apps focus on matching users with others that share similar interests, whether it's music, sports or movies. Others focus more on connecting individuals living near each other for local dates, such as double dates with trusted friends to promote safety and ease.

Nearly every dating app also offers alternative features like video profiles and virtual speed-dating events that make it easier than ever before to find true love!

Canadians have never had so many options when it comes to finding an online dating app, and this trend is only growing with time.

Safety Tips for Online LGBT Dating in Canada

Even on the best LGBT dating apps, we're always going to recommend you stay mindful of privacy.

Those top-rated gay and lesbian dating sites tend to have better security and more robust ID verification systems. Still, there's always a possibility that a scammer will slip through the safety net.

There are loads of ways you can protect yourself online, such as:

  • Upgrading your profile to make use of the most substantial security settings.
  • Verifying the identity of any potential dates you meet.
  • Only connecting with LGBT singles that have verified their profile ID.
  • Keeping personal information safe and never sharing details online.

By practising regular dating safety and being cautious about who you're chatting with online, the top LGBT date sites open up a world of potential - and it's there for the taking!

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