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The Top Ten Aberdeen Dating Sites

Scottish daters tend to get a raw deal from the big dating brands, particularly if you're keen to meet local singles with whom you have a genuine chance of snagging a date! Best10Dating provides top recommendations for the best dating sites to get back out there – the right way.

Displaying our pick of the Best Aberdeen Dating Sites

Most Popular

One of the original dating sites, focused on serious, long-term romance.

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Best On Mobile

One of the UK's largest and most trusted dating sites.

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Intelligent Matchmaking for Single Professionals.

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For Over 50s

Offers online dating to the ever-increasing 'mature' (50+) age group

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How We Review the Best Dating Sites in Aberdeen

We get that there are thousands of 'dating site review' websites out there, but the issue is that they are pretty much paid-for advertising portals and will recommend any dating site that pays to be featured (whether or not they’re any good).

Best10DatingGuide is different. We’re part of Best10Labs, an innovative, 100% independent and autonomous consumer review service that aims to help UK buyers get an awesome deal on whatever they're buying – and online dating is a big part of that.

Our mission is to ensure that, whether you download a dating app, pay for a premium subscription, or sign up to a dating site in the vague hope you'll meet your happily ever after, we've done everything possible to make that a reality.

Step forward our dating site review team – a crack squad of Aberdeen daters who have been there, seen it all, and may (or may not) have the t-shirt. We don’t do paid-for reviews, we don’t assign random scores, and every review we publish is based on our own very real-life experiences.

Sounds good? Yep, we’re about transparency and honesty and giving you the tools and information you need to make informed judgements about where you spend your hard-earned cash – and where you can get just as good a deal for free.

So – how does it work? It’s pretty simple and, on a bigger scale, the same process you might undertake yourself. If, of course, you have bags of time, money, and mental load to invest into analysing all of the best Aberdeen dating sites out there.

We join every dating site we review personally – yes, an actual secret shopper profile, complete with a bio, image, horoscope and all the other bits and pieces you might expect.

From there, we analyse and assess every feature, price, function, and match to ascertain whether this is a great dating site we'd happily recommend to our Aberdeen readers or whether it’s one for the junk folder.

Best10DaingGuide reviews include detailed pricing information, screenshots, a list of pros and cons, and all the essential details you need to decide whether a Scottish, UK-wide or global dating site is the best place to meet your ideal match. The rest, of course, is up to you!

Choosing Your Ideal Aberdeen Dating Site

Online dating is an interesting industry – because it tries to cater to countless preferences, individuals, sexualities, ages, and relationship aspirations all at the same time!

Best10DatingGuide splits our reviews into geographical areas, relationship types and a whole host of other factors, so you can skip past all the content to those dating site reviews most relevant to you.

You can find listicles of the best 10 Aberdeen dating sites for LGBTQ+ singles, ratings for the top mature dating sites, or a broader overview of the most recommended dating sites for casual or mainstream relationships.

Online Dating Safety in Aberdeen

We always add a little caveat about online safety because it’s a crucial thing to remember, even if you’re having the time of your life flirting with an insanely hot single!

Because, with all the benefits online dating provides, it remains extremely important to be cautious about safeguarding your online activities.

Even the highest-rated Aberdeen dating sites can be susceptible to bots, scammers, and spammers – and they do nothing but waste your time (or cash, if you're really unlucky), so we feel it is imperative our readers know where to apply an extra level of scepticism.

Every dating site review we write includes an overview of the security systems and encryptions available. Still, it's up to you to be mindful of the information you share, the personal details you publish, and what you choose to say in your online dating messages.

Our advice is to err on the side of safety and never disclose anything you wouldn't expect to appear on your social media profile – think home address, place of work, email address, phone number – and absolutely not your mother's maiden name or the street where you grew up!

If ever in doubt, be sure to report anything suspicious to the site admin, who will investigate and block a fake profile from the site.

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