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Top Ten Dating Sites in Croydon

Knowing which Croydon dating apps are legitimate, quality ways to meet local men and women - and spotting the dodgy apps populated by bots isn't always obvious! Best10DatingGuide makes it easy to pick fantastic dating sites to make your relationship goals a reality.

Displaying our pick of the Best Croydon Dating Sites

Most Popular

One of the original dating sites, focused on serious, long-term romance.

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Best On Mobile

One of the UK's largest and most trusted dating sites.

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Intelligent Matchmaking for Single Professionals.

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For Over 50s

Offers online dating to the ever-increasing 'mature' (50+) age group

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Our Croydon Dating Site Review Process

A great Croydon dating site can transform your dating experiences, help you connect with compatible people, and have a bit of fun. It can also (hopefully!) ensure you find your happily ever after (or happily ever for now, if you aren't looking for anything long-term!).

We know that dating sites get a bad rap, and there are indeed a few bad apples that paint a negative picture, with tons of fake profiles, scammers and timewasters.

However, once you create a profile with an authentic dating site, you'll receive detailed, customised match suggestions, features such as games and quizzes, in-depth personality tests and all the tools you need to meet people and boost your self-confidence.

Best10DatingGuide doesn't offer any paid-for reviews, and each testimonial we publish is written by one of our in-house dating team - following a secret shopper deep dive into the service provided!

Here's what we look at when we decide whether a Croydon dating site is worth recommending to our readers:

  • Value for money - subscription costs, cancellation terms, and free vs paid accounts.
  • User demographics - ages, locations, and relationship preferences of the majority of the site members.
  • Security - message encryptions, video calls, concealed phone numbers, ID verification, and the presence of any fake accounts or bots on the site.
  • Features - matchmaking functionality, user-friendly mobile apps, games and other resources that add value.

Once we've got a really good feel for a dating app and have completed a review (with a few handy screenshots, so you know what to expect!), we assign a score out of ten.

From there, we compile the top five and top ten lists of the best dating sites available, saving you time and legwork.

How to Shortlist Your Perfect Croydon Dating App

While we're confident that all of our suggested dating sites offer excellent service, it's also important to recognise that no two people are the same. Your relationship aspirations might differ considerably from mine!

We split our dating site reviews into the most popular categories, so you won't just find recommendations for the best mainstream dating apps in Croydon - we also assess and review local dating sites for:

  • Single parents
  • Mature daters
  • LGBTQ+ singles
  • Divorced people
  • BBW or plus-size singles
  • Christian daters
  • Professionals
  • Casual daters

Whether you're looking for marriage and kids, a partner in your golden years, or to find a date with a compatible lifestyle, we've got all the bases covered.

Please flick through our reviews and ratings if you'd like to discover more about any of these dating niches, the sites available, and what sort of bang you'll get for your buck!

Safe Digital Dating in Croydon

Although we take great care to analyse the security settings on each Croydon dating site we recommend, there's no getting away from the fact that dating apps are often targets of malicious users - so you need to be mindful about the information you share.

For example, when you're building your dating profile, you should avoid including any details that aren't 100% relevant to finding a date, so things like:

  • Your surname
  • Place of work
  • Home address
  • Phone number
  • Email address

Most great dating sites offer screened phone numbers so that you can chat in real life, but you don't need to give out your digits to a stranger you've met online until you're happy they're an authentic person!

Likewise, you shouldn't ever provide any financial details, especially if someone on a dating site is asking for money - it's a well-known scam that can be very frustrating.

The most advanced dating site security includes features such as webcam ID verification. It's simply a case of turning on your webcam and following automated instructions to make expressions or movements (such as a thumbs up).

Dating site admins use this system to check that your face matches your profile picture and photo ID, so they can put a tick or other marker on your account to show other users that you are genuine.

It's also wise to follow the usual safe dating guidelines if you decide to meet somebody in person! Meet in a public place, don't rely on anybody else for transport, and make your exit if you're not sure about the chemistry.

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