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How to Prepare For a Date With a Guy

July 19, 2021
How to Prepare For a Date With a Guy

Whether you think you've found your soul mate on the best Ottawa dating sites or are taking a punt on a potential relationship, a first date feels like such a big deal!

The challenge is that you're wrapped up in the outcome and want to make a great first impression, but you also want to focus on enjoying the experience of meeting someone new.

We all know that nerves are a first date killer, but if you're prepared, relaxed and confident, you can nip those niggling worries in the bud and get on with having a fantastic time.

In this guide, the Best10 dating experts have collated our favourite tips to get ready for a perfect first date and give yourself the best shot of working out whether this guy is The Guy.

First Date Positivity

Ok, so your state of mind matters just as much as your outfit!

As women, we tend to agonize over details:

  • Too much jewellery, or not enough?
  • Do I need to rewash my hair just in case?
  • Which of these ten outfit choices will make the best impression?

In reality, men are far less likely to notice those tiny, trivial things than you are. 

However, if you feel more confident looking your best, don't worry about investing a few hours of your time getting a new blowout or picking up some beautiful underwear.

Undoubtedly, your profile pic on the best Quebec dating sites will be a favourite, so there's nothing wrong with wanting to look the best you can for a first date.

That said - they're not going to remember your shoes. 

They will remember how smiley you were, how enjoyable the conversation was, how well you clicked. 

Try to prepare for your date in a fun way, and you'll rock up with a fabulous outfit and the attitude to match!

Picking a First Date Outfit

Next up - what to wear. 

As we know, your mindset is way more crucial to first date success than your clothes, but appreciate that deciding on the perfect outfit can make a brilliant first date feel like a chore you're starting to dread.

Here's how to choose:

  1. Pick an Outfit That Feels 'You'

Take a look at your Ottawa online dating sites profile pictures. Do you see that girl? She's who you're bringing to the date!

Whether you want to come across glam, classy, cool or casual, your outfit must be an authentic representation of who you are.

Just as you'd feel a bit weird about chatting away with a hot sporty guy, who then turns up to a date in a starchy suit, your date is going to want to meet the real you - whoever that might be.

  1. Go For Comfort 

You're probably not going to turn up for a first date in your joggers and converse, but still, it's super important to feel relaxed.

Straps that dig into your shoulders, shoes that rub or restrictive waste bands do not make for a good time if you're heading out for dinner.

It's a typical first date pitfall - you buy a fresh new outfit, an incredible pair of shoes and feel like a million dollars. BUT you can't move, dance, walk or breathe.

Don't fall into the trap of thinking you need to look a particular way. The guy you met on the best Quebec dating sites is interested, so make sure you're wearing clothes that feel comfortable and make you feel confident.

Top tip - if you want to buy a new outfit that makes you feel good, wear it a few times before!

  1. Make it Appropriate

Along the same lines, but we'd also recommend thinking about where you're going for this date.

Don't know? Then ask.

It matters because your outfit and shoes need to be suitable for the activity.

We've all heard of dates where you turn up in your treasured Jimmy Choos, only to spend the next two hours staggering around a moonlit lakeside walk in agony.

Likewise, if your date has booked a surprise meal at a chic five* restaurant, you're not going to feel your best if you anticipated something a tad more casual and stick out like a sore thumb!

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Getting Ready for a First Date - Dos and Don’ts

So we've covered your attitude and outfit, but there are a few more things to bear in mind while you're getting ready to meet this guy in person!

Let's run through some of the most crucial do's and don'ts:

DON'T Drink Too Much

We get it; we do - a glass of wine can do wonders to calm your nerves and ramp up the confidence factor.

However, be VERY careful here! One glass can quickly become two or three, and turning up drunk to a first date is a recipe for absolute disaster.

Particularly if you're going for dinner, drinks or a picnic where there's likely to be a chilled glass or two of something involved, if you've overdone it getting ready and end up throwing up in the Uber, it's unlikely you'll be chatting about date two.

DO Take Your Time

Run a hot relaxing bath, leave loads of time to curl your hair, or invite a girlfriend over to help you check out your shortlisted outfits.

Preparing for a date should be fun and exciting, so don't leave it to the last minute!

If you've gotten ready at a leisurely pace, you'll be chilled out, relaxed, and avoid rushing in drenched in sweat and struggling to breathe after a manic run from the taxi.

DON'T Leave Transport to Chance

Yep, you might be secretly hoping to head back to his place (you do you!), but you should always sort out your travel arrangements.

If the date doesn't go to plan or runs late, you need to be confident that you will be able to get home by yourself, so check the location, nearest station, or pre-book a taxi if you're committed to being home by a specific time.

Lauren Edwards-Fowle
Lauren Edwards-Fowle
Lauren is a freelance writer passionate about how we develop rewarding experiences, and overcoming the barriers we face to living our best lives. Lauren writes regularly about the modern world of dating, relationships, parenthood, and social dynamics.