The Best Dating Sites In The USA

Dating sites come in all shapes and size. It's so popular these days, that there really is a dating site for everyone. But which one is best dating site for you? Read our in-depth reviews and experiences, so you can make the right choice.

Why Best10?

Our own independent editorial team tests each service to give you objective reviews and comparisons.

We write thorough reviews into features, pricing, pros and cons, and give each site our Best10 Score.

Get regular updates as we monitor the dating market, testing and reviewing all brands, not just the "usual suspects".

Best Dating Sites Reviewed

Dating sites are on the rise with an estimated 59 million singles using a web-based dating service to meet their ideal partner across the United States. Gone are the days when you posted an ad in the New York Times Lonely Hearts column and sat around waiting for a response! Dating websites make your life easier, and open you up to a much wider range of possibilities.

But with that growth has come a vast array of dating sites...not all of which are good.

Best10DatingGuide recognises that there is a world of difference between the quality, pricing and services on offer - and that many of the highest caliber dating sites feel tarnished by lousy press created by sites that exist to generate subscriber revenue, without the quality of service to back it up.

We decided it was time to separate the wheat from the chaff and help our readers make the best choices when it comes to kick-starting your date life.

Introducing our authentic USA dating site reviews; real reviews of real dating websites, with actual subscription costs and real screengrabs so you know exactly what you can expect - and which sites are destined to help you find your future soulmate!

Real People, Real Reviews

Every person is unique, and so too are their aspirations when it comes to dating sites.

Here at Best10DatingGuide we don't do 'paid for' reviews, we don't do rankings based on one criterion, and we don't endorse any dating site that we haven't tried out personally.

What we do do is commission one of our team of expert dating site reviewers to sign up - yes, in real life! - and report back on their experiences as they find it. Here you can explore honest reviews that tell you how the service feels, what every dating site is like to navigate, and just how many personality questionnaires you can expect to fill out.

Our reviewers look at a variety of criteria to arrive at our ratings, focusing on the things that we know are most important to you.

Let's face it; a pricey subscription is well worth it if it's a sure-fire guarantee that you're going to meet somebody special - and a cost-effective dating site isn't worth tuppence unless it's going to take you to the next stage of your dating journey!

Price does matter, but it's not the only criterion; we recommend dating sites that we believe offer real value for money, a great experience, high standards of security, and a membership that splices with your expectations for all things love, romance and dating.

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Choose Your Dating Niche

As online dating evolves, it is getting easier and simpler to access dating sites that cater to the niche that best suits your partnership preferences.

We review the best dating sites across across more niches than any other comparison service, so that you have the benefit of direct comparisons and like-for-like reviews to make sure you don't spend any of your valuable downtime on a site that doesn't deliver.

Best10DatingGuide reviews cover:

If you're not sure what sort of relationship you'd like to find, we suggest it's best to start with mainstream dating, which will give you options to flirt and date across a variety of memberships and age groups.

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Choosing the Best Dating Site For You

We've been around the block when it comes to dating, and we’ve heard all the usual stories. Meeting someone online who doesn't turn out to be what they say they are, spending a small fortune on a dating site that turns out to be populated with (sexy, automated) bots, or spending hours on a personality quiz to receive - a big fat zero matches!

Dating is meant to be fun, exciting, flirty and thrilling - and our mission is to make sure that's just what you experience.

Best10DatingGuide check out the hidden corners of every review site to consider all the factors that we know make a difference:

  • Security and privacy settings, and options such as Safe Mode and anonymous browsing.
  • Membership - how many people you'll find online, where they live, and what your realistic chances are of meeting someone local to you.
  • Messaging options - how easy it is to send an icebreaker, whether you have instant messaging and video chat available, and what choices (if any) you get with the free version.
  • Pricing packages, and an analysis of what sort of bang you get for your hard-earned bucks.
  • Diversity, and how varied and engaged you'll find a site's dating pool to be.
  • Added benefits such as dating tips, diary features, special bonuses and freebie trial periods.

Check out our Dating Site Reviews page for all the latest. You'll find scores out of 10 as awarded by our panel, real-life screenshots to show you what you can expect to see, and authentic reviews of our dating experiences.

All of this information is available FREE of charge, and at your fingertips with one purpose. To make your date life better.

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"We review more niche dating sites than any other dating site comparison service."

What's The Main Difference Between Free & Paid Membership?

Free membership on dating sites lets you look around, but you can't talk to anyone.

With free membership, users are typically able to create profiles, browse other members’ profiles, send “winks” or flirts indicating interest in another member, and receive messages from others.

Paid membership lets you send messages and find people who match your interests.

Paid memberships usually offer additional features such as advanced search capabilities, unlimited messaging privileges with other users on the site, access to exclusive content and events related to the dating service, and discounts on services like matchmaking or relationship counseling.

While each type of membership has its advantages and disadvantages depending on what you're looking for in an online experience, paying for premium services may be worth considering if you want more than just basic profile views and flirtations.

Are There Any Free Dating Sites In The USA?

Yes, there are some good free dating apps in the USA. Popular free sites include OkCupid, Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, and Plenty of Fish. While these sites are completely free to use and don't require payment for features or access to other users' profiles, most offer additional features that can be accessed with a premium membership.

Paid options typically include access to enhanced search mechanisms and bigger message inboxes.

Additionally, many premium-level services allow users to see who has viewed their profile or added them as a favorite.

It is important to do your research before choosing a site that best fits your needs.

The 5 Key Problems With A Free Dating Site

When it comes to finding a serious relationship or just companionship, online dating websites are quickly becoming one of the most popular methods for meeting potential partners.

However, with so many different sites on the market, it can be hard to determine which ones are best for you.

Many free dating sites exist, but they have some key disadvantages to consider. Here are the five biggest drawbacks of using even the best free dating sites in the USA.

1. Limited Features

Free sites often have limited features and fewer options than paid sites, which can make it harder to find compatible matches or even meet people you’re interested in.

2. Fake Profiles

There is a greater risk of encountering fake profiles on a free dating app, as there are no verification processes in place. This can make it difficult to trust the people you’re interacting with and lead to more potential frustrations.

3. Security

The free dating app typically has weaker security protections than paid ones, meaning your personal data may be more susceptible to hacks.

4. Advertising

Free dating apps usually generate their income through advertising, which users can be intrusive and distracting.

5. Time Consuming

Because of the limited features available on a free dating site, it can take longer to find compatible matches than on paid ones, increasing the time investment needed for successful online dating.

For these reasons, not even the best free dating site makes it into our list.

Our 5 Best Dating Sites Reviewed

Below is our findings from the five best dating sites compared, serving singles in the USA. While they all have slight differences to their services and member types, it's useful to remember that they do have many things in common:

  • The sign up process is simple and only takes a couple of minutes
  • They all offer a free version, so you can test drive each site before you subscribe
  • You can browse user profiles for free using their powerful search options
  • Their matching system will help you find compatible matches
  • Each site has a premium version, enabling you to access more features
  • All members are verified users, so there's less chance of scammers
  • All sites have a large dating pool in the big cities.

With that in mind, while we have reviewed many other online dating sites, here's our selection of the top 5.

1. eHarmony

eHarmony is a dating app that was founded in 2000 and has since become a top ten dating site in USA for those seeking serious relationships or marriage.

They use an extensive questionnaire to determine compatibility between users, aiming to make matches that are more likely to result in a successful connection.

There is a free version, which is great for those who are looking to dip their toe in the online dating waters before committing to a paid subscription.

With its unrivaled success rate and commitment to helping you find a serious relationship, eHarmony is number one in our best dating sites ranking for finding your special someone.

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2. Zoosk

Founded in 2007, Zoosk's dating app has since become a leader in online dating, connecting millions of singles around the world.

Zoosk stands out from other websites by offering a unique Behavioral Matchmaking technology which learns from users’ actions as they browse and interacts on the site.

They also offer a variety of features, from photo verification to their Carousel game, which allows users to quickly browse potential matches without having to fill out lengthy profiles or answer in-depth questions.

With an easy-to-use interface, combined with millions of active members and a wide range of features, Zoosk has become one of the go-to dating sites in the USA.

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3. Elite Singles

Elite Singles is a premier dating site, catering to a diverse membership of busy professionals with above average education looking for long-term relationships.

Founded in 2002, Elite Singles has become a go-to destination for those seeking lasting connections with like-minded individuals across the country. Boasting an extensive personality test with over 200 questions and a focus on compatibility, Elite Singles ensures that its users are only matched with those who they have the highest chance of forming a serious relationship with.

The site also offers an array of sophisticated features such as mobile access and in-depth conversations, helping to make your search for love easier and more enjoyable. Elite Singles is one of the USA's top ten dating websites.

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4. Silver Singles

From the same company as Elite Singles, Silver Singles is an online dating site dedicated to singles over the age of 50. Founded in 2002, this platform is one of the oldest and most respected names in the industry, providing a safe, secure environment for its members to connect with compatible partners.

The site provides users with a comprehensive personality test which helps them narrow down potential matches and get to know each other better.

They also provide helpful safety tips and advice for anyone that wants to meet someone in person.

With easy-to-use features, personalized matches, and a large dating pool, Silver Singles is one of the best dating sites in America for those looking for a lasting connection.

Read our full Silver Singles review

5. is another popular dating site for singles looking for a serious relationship. It offers an extensive range of communication options, allowing members to connect with potential partners through activities like instant messaging, emailing, sending virtual gifts, and secure video chat.

It also has a free matching and compatibility algorithm, which helps to match people with their ideal partner and ensure that they’re compatible. With millions of potential matches,'s dating app is sure to offer something for everyone!

Plus, it’s safe and secure, so you can be sure you’ll have an enjoyable dating experience without any risk. So if you’re looking for one of the ten best dating sites in the USA, is definitely worth checking out!

Write A Great Dating Profile

Once you've chosen the best dating site for you from our 10bestdatingsites list, creating a great online dating profile is essential if you want to meet the right singles. A good profile will help other users find you, and it can also give them an idea of your personality. To create a successful profile, there are some key things to keep in mind. Here are some of our top tips for writing a great dating profile that will attract people with similar interests and increase your chances of finding love!

First, make sure to include clear photos of yourself. A profile without any pictures is likely to be overlooked. Choose recent and flattering shots that show off your best features. Be honest about who you are and include a few interesting facts about yourself in the profile description; this will give others an idea of who you are before they even contact you.

Next, be sure to include a few of your interests and hobbies. This helps potential dates identify if they share common ground with you, and it can also give them an insight into the kind of person you are. You could also add some fun facts about yourself or what makes you unique to stand out from other singles.

Finally, describe what you are looking for in a partner so the right individuals can find their way to you. Be honest and clear about your expectations and don't be afraid to state what type of relationship you're after.

Staying Safe Online - Our 5 Top Tips

With the sheer number of people now using online dating apps, it’s important to stay safe and protect yourself. Here are five of the best ways to ensure your safety while using a dating site:

1. Choose a reputable dating app

It’s important to choose a well-known and reliable dating app, and that's we're here. There are many sites out there that have been known to be unsafe or scammy, so it pays to do your research before signing up for an account.

Take the time to read reviews of the different dating apps we showcase here, and verify their safety and security policies for yourself.

2. Don’t give out personal information

The online dating world can often be a target for scammers, so it’s important to stay vigilant and not give out too much personal information. This includes your address, phone number, bank account numbers, or social security numbers.

3. Be wary of people asking for money

Be careful if any member on your dating app asks for money. This is most likely a sign that the person is a scammer and should not be trusted. Contact site admin immediately.

4. Use a secure payment method

If you’re paying for membership on an online dating site, make sure to use a secure payment method like PayPal or a credit card. This ensures that your financial information is protected and can’t be accessed by anyone else.

5. Meet up in a public place

If you decide to meet someone from an online dating app, always do so in a public place. A coffee shop or restaurant is a great choice—it allows you to get to know the person without putting yourself in a compromising situation.

Don’t let your safety be an afterthought—take the time to research and protect yourself before engaging in any online dating activities. Good luck with your search for love!

Making The First Move

Finding the right words to break the ice with someone you've matched with can be quite daunting. After all, you're trying to make a good first impression and that can be harder than it sounds! Fortunately, there are some things you can do to make your conversations smoother.

  1. Keep your messages short and sweet. You don't want to overwhelm the person you're talking to with an overly long or complicated message. Instead, focus on asking an interesting question or two that will help you get to know the other person a bit better and spark a conversation.
  2. Find something in common with the other person. Do you both love the same type of music? Are you both fans of a particular TV show? Talking about shared interests is an easy way to get conversations flowing, and it helps create a connection between the two of you.
  3. Use humor. Telling jokes and lighthearted stories can help ease the tension, get the other person laughing, and make them feel more comfortable talking to you.
  4. Remember to be polite and respectful. A bit of friendly banter is great, but always stay away from any topics that could be considered offensive or insulting.


Finding the perfect partner for yourself can be a daunting task, but luckily there are plenty of high quality dating sites available in the USA that make it easier.

Whether you’re looking for casual dating, or a more serious relationship, there is sure to be an online dating site out there that meets your needs.

With so many options on offer, we hope our list of top rated US-based dating websites has helped simplify your search and provided some great ideas.

When choosing a website always consider its reputation, user reviews and safety measures as these will help ensure you have a successful experience while searching for love online.

PS: Don't forget to use our top tips for staying safe while using dating sites and breaking the ice when messaging potential matches - they will help make your journey easier. With these tools under your belt, you'll soon find yourself on an exciting adventure that could lead to true love! Good luck!

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