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The Pros and Cons of the eHarmony Dating App in 2022

April 29, 2022
The Pros and Cons of the eHarmony Dating App in 2022

eHarmony is one of the largest, most established, and best-known dating apps globally.

Online dating can be vastly different from one platform to another. A hookup site and an authentic relationship dating service are just two examples. You will know this if you have ever spent time online dating.

We hear this story often at Best10DatingGuide. You sign up for several dating apps, including Tinder. You've spent many hours with no luck in finding someone to date.

  • But does eHarmony live up to its reputation?
  • Is it worth spending your hard-earned cash on a premium account?
  • And are there any downsides you should be aware of?

Today - in our eHarmony review - We will provide a detailed overview of what to expect when signing up.

Is eHarmony a Good Online Dating Option Post-Pandemic?

The pandemic has had a dramatic - and perhaps unsurprising - impact on people's dating life.

After months of isolation and limited social contact, our focus has shifted. We are now looking for companionship and commitment, rather than just going on casual dates.

People are generally more cautious and protective of their wellbeing. They're less likely to take a chance on a speculative date that might fall short.

Millions of free dating apps focus on casual dating. eHarmony has over 20 years of expertise. They have now stepped forward to champion something different.

The emphasis is on long-term relationships and potentially marriage. However you don't have to be keen to walk down the aisle to have a great experience!

We'll get into average member ages and relationship values shortly, but most members are more serious about love and not there to play games.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Signing Up to eHarmony?

As an independent reviews team, we're here to show you both sides of the coin. Making informed decisions about online dating sites can be difficult.

This is especially true for those over 40, who may be looking for senior dating sites. We can help you make those decisions. And there are always pros and cons!

eHarmony requires a subscription to unlock its full potential. This is something to keep in mind.

The positive is that the eHarmony cost deters anyone from messing about. You'll find very few people paying for a complex algorithm matching service if they're not interested in something real.

You can download the eHarmony app (on Android or iOS), so get the convenience of mobile chats and the assurance of professionalism and excellent customer support.

eHarmony - Reasons to Sign Up

Our favourite thing about eHarmony is the compatibility quiz; it's not a random selection of questions but a carefully curated questionnaire to get to know you and what makes you tick.

Other advantages to creating an eHarmony account include:

  • Access to a massive database of users - there are millions of profiles, from the UK to the US and beyond.
  • You'll find stacks of success stories and testimonials on the site, with reports that two million British marriages started life on the eHarmony dating app.
  • Member profiles are detailed and contain plenty of information to help you decide whether a suggested match is the right person for you.
  • Each match you get originates from the advanced algorithm, so they're linked with you based on many factors tailored to your requirements.

There are hardly any fake profiles or scammers, given that the detailed sign up process filters out anyone who isn't quite what they seem.

eHarmony - The Pitfalls

So far, so good - but is it all sunshine, rainbows and ridiculously good dates?

There are some aspects of the service that might put you off:

  • Premium memberships aren't the cheapest - reflecting the scale of the site, the quality of the match suggestions and the level of support on offer.
  • Signing up does require a bit of time, depending on how quickly you run through the questionnaire and the detail of your answers. NB, we'd suggest taking as much time as you like - those responses will determine how good your matches are!
  • Free membership exists, but it's pretty limited, so it's normally worth paying the cost of a premium membership if you're serious about finding a relationship.

The other thing to appreciate is that you can't trawl through endless profiles of your own accord. Rather, the algorithm does that bit for you (once you've matched, you can be as nosey as you like!).

What Age is Best for eHarmony?

eHarmony is a big old melting pot of people - those swipe apps (think Hinge, Bumble or Tinder) are primarily used by people around the early 20s.

eHarmony is more popular with a slightly older demographic.

Many users are in their late 20s, and it's split evenly with 47% men and 53% women - although most are straight, and there isn't a massive LGBTQ+ community.

Around 30% of eHarmony daters are 18-24 and 18% 25-34, so while it's a very slightly more mature group, it's anything but reserved only for older singles.

Is eHarmony Good For Seniors?

Yes, the eHarmony senior dating experience is one of the best around. eHarmony is a great option for seniors seeking companionship and romance.

The platform’s matchmaking system uses its patented “Compatibility Matching System” to pair people based on age, location, beliefs and other important criteria that can help create compatible matches.

The site offers guides on communication style to help facilitate meaningful conversations between members, making it easy to find someone you have common interests with and build a relationship. If you're over 50 and want to start dating online, we believe eHarmony is one of the best senior dating sites available to you. While it is not specifically a "senior dating site", the size of the member base and the features you can use to narrow your search to your desired age group means you will only see and meet other compatible singles of a similar age if you wish.

Is eHarmony a Suitable Christian Dating Site?

The whole point of eHarmony is to match people who want a long-term relationship or marriage - and it's probably what you think of immediately.

It isn't specifically an online dating site for Christians, but it focuses on values, which becomes clear when running through the compatibility quiz.

The largest age groups are 30-44 and 55-65 (although we've established that there is still a healthy group of younger members), which is part of the reason eHarmony is about sustainable connections rather than casual flings.

Our reviews team rate eHarmony 9.9 out of ten for Christian dating - you can check out the other contenders and more details on our dedicated page.

Choosing Between Faith-Based Dating Apps and eHarmony

We think eHarmony is a great choice for Christian dating, along with some of our other rated apps such as ChristianFreeandSingle or MeetChristianMe - but a lot is down to your personal preferences.

In the past, eHarmony was criticised for being a bit overbearingly Christian because the quiz included a fair bit about going to church and believing in God.

Of course, those details might be fundamental if you want to meet another Christian person and are keen to date within your faith!

The problem was you had to answer these questions even if you'd already indicated that you were not religious.

The site has since been updated, so there is a more diverse membership, but you are still asked to complete details about your faith, if it's an important part of your life, and impacts who you would consider a suitable partner.

What to Look For in a Great Christian Dating Site

The best way to pick a dating site that works for you is to look at things like:

  • Member demographics - Christian dating is a bit of a niche, so you'll likely find numbers on specific faith sites slightly smaller than somewhere more mainstream like eHarmony.
  • Costs - we've all got a budget to stick to, so it's best to review the premium charges and decide which sites are compatible with what you're comfortable spending (or not, as the case may be!).
  • Service quality - a great Christian dating site allows you to be specific in your parameters. There should always be the option of identifying that you only wish to match with other Christians or saying that you're open to matches provided you share similar relationship values and lifestyle aspirations.

We think the quiz remains pretty relevant here.

There isn't a sliding scale (where you'd choose where to position yourself in terms of what makes you happy or how you'd deal with an emotional situation).

Rather, you choose the most accurate answer from a multiple-choice list.

Someone who replies that they always want to participate in everything probably tells you a lot more than scoring a 9 out of 10 for a sense of humour.

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How to Find Amazing Dates on eHarmony

The best way to ensure you have the best possible chance of meeting incredible people is to use the varied features and tools you have at your disposal.

Those include:

  • Sending automated questions - when you get your list of matches, you can filter through with anything that makes a big difference to you. Want to check who has a dog, loves roller-skating, or wants to travel? Ask everyone the question in one fell swoop.
  • Sending smiles - we get that online dating can be awkward and nerve-wracking. If you're stuck for something to say, shoot over a smile to show a match that you’re interested.
  • Favourites lists - it can sometimes seem a bit impersonal to compile lists of seemingly unlimited matches. However, the dating journey is a numbers game, so keeping track of potential dates and coming back to have another think is a valuable way to ensure you don't discard a match just because you're having a bad day.
  • Video dates - something that's caught on during the pandemic in a huge way! Video chats are a great opportunity to break the ice, get to know a bit more about each other, and then decide whether the chemistry is there to launch into a real-life date.

We'd also recommend looking at the What If feature (especially if you haven’t been blown away by your suggestions lately!).

The matching system is the main point of eHarmony, but you can also use this option to see whether opposites attract and cast your net a little wider.

What is the Highest eHarmony Compatibility Score?

When you start receiving matches, the algorithm will show you how compatible it thinks you are with another member, and that's expressed in a number:

  • Anything of 110 or higher is serious - that's pretty much the highest eHarmony comaptibility score available and means you might just have found your soul mate.
  • Scores of 100 - 109 are still very good, and there's an excellent chance you will form an amazing connection with this person.

If you want more information on what's a good score on eHarmony, please visit the eHarmony guide, explaining how the compatibility system works and what it all means.

What People Can You Expect to Meet on eHarmony?

As we've seen, the split is almost 50/50 between men and women, and aside from a mixture of ages, you'll find that there isn't any specific type - aside from dates who want a long-term relationship.

Is it Worth Buying an eHarmony Membership?

It's up to you if you decide it's worth it - there are often discounts and offers, but as a rough guide, the current subscription costs are:

  • £29.90 a month for Premium Light - 6 months.
  • £11.96 a month for Premium Plus - 12 months.
  • £8.95 a month for Premium Extra - 24 months.

Light is the cheapest eHarmony subscription (although more expensive per month), and you get access to all the basic features.

If you want all the bells and whistles, you're better off with Extra, which includes every premium tool.

How Much Is eHarmony Canada?

The cost to join eHarmony Canada varies depending on the length of membership and the features you choose. For example, a 3 month basic plan starts at $60 and includes access to all of eHarmony's features, including personality profile setup, matchmaking and messaging services. Longer plans are available at discounted rates.

Additionally, you can upgrade to a Premium plan with even more features and benefits. These plans start at $90 per month but increase depending on the length of membership.

Compare the costs of eHarmony, Match & Elite Singles here

Does Anyone Use eHarmony Any More?

eHarmony might have been around for over two decades, but it's still one of the best dating sites out there, and a welcome change from those apps that try and appeal solely to younger age groups.

The site has updated considerably, and there are thousands of new users aged 25-34, so it's certainly not dying out or becoming less popular - there are millions of users, many of whom are extremely active!

Is eHarmony Good as a Single Parent Dating App?

Single parent dating can be a big challenge, and fitting in romance, flirty chats, and dates around little people is never easy.

However, eHarmony is well geared to meet your needs and has a specific Single Parent Dating page where you can get a little more information.

Your profile settings allow you to be matched only to singles who are happy to date other members with kids (often because they have children themselves!). Hence, it's a great bet, and you won't match with someone on eHarmony who isn't interested in meeting a single parent.

Lauren Edwards-Fowle
Lauren Edwards-Fowle
Lauren is a freelance writer passionate about how we develop rewarding experiences, and overcoming the barriers we face to living our best lives. Lauren writes regularly about the modern world of dating, relationships, parenthood, and social dynamics.