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Elite Singles promises a premium online dating experience, with eligible American singles, high education rates, and no less than 381,000 new users a month! Let's see how it delivers.


I'll be honest - initially, I was prepared to dislike Elite Singles. Probably purely based on the word 'elite.' How do you define yourself as an elite individual? I'd instantly discounted the site, assuming there was some income threshold or education standard I'd need to meet to join. However, there isn't, and the more I explored the site, the more I liked it. Even the largest dating sites can indeed feel like a minefield for anybody over 30 or so. There's nothing so disheartening as checking your inbox and finding it riddled with random messages (and the old explicit image you weren't ready for before your morning coffee!). And so, a specifically designed service for genuine people across the states looking for real connections isn't something to ignore.

I liked that everyone I matched with was a similar age, that I could use an excellent map tool to identify where I live and how far I'm willing to travel. I liked that the personality questions were short, sharp, and to the point. I liked the simplicity of the site layout and how I didn't feel overwhelmed with games and features that they detracted from the whole point of being on the platform. And I liked that I felt as if there was a real chance that some of those matches might be people who I'd enjoy going out for lunch with, and wouldn't be chatting with guys half my age, or traveling 'musicians' who I'd not really be keen to start a family home with.

While my usual skepticism applies to how users have answered their personality questions (I cannot believe that so many people do charity work and volunteer!), I think that Elite Singles offers one of the best sites for people over 30 - and up to any age - who are seeking love, romance, and real dates with real people.

It's not cheap, but the numbers speak for themselves, and I'd happily sign up for six months to have a decent chance of being one of those 2,000 couples a month made through Elite Singles.

“Relatively high prices, but a premium service to match. Elite Singles does what it says - matches professional users to their ideal date."

Ease Of Use

Let's start at the beginning; account registration. Elite Singles is well designed and user-friendly, and while you do need to answer a seemingly unending list of multiple-choice questions, it took me about eight minutes. You click on the box that applies most to your preferences or personality or select an image. However, it's worth adding that it feels a bit like a job interview - I've never been asked how 'industrious' I am as a dating site criterion before! 

That said, in most cases, you can click on 'I'll answer later' and come back to it. It's worth remembering that Elite Singles isn't in quite the same niche as generic dating sites and is aimed at professionals looking for like-minded partners. I feel slightly uncomfortable entering my income bracket. Still, I appreciate that this is of tangible benefit to many singles who want to meet someone with similar aspirations and life goals!

Here's one of my favorite things about this platform - at most stages, you can click on a little 'Let Us Help' tab, and receive guidance about creating a stellar profile. There are blogs, information links, FAQs, and tips. For me, that's a big plus, as every dating site is different, and sometimes it's a real struggle to think of how to answer something or work out what sort of profile is going to give off the right vibes.

Now, there's not a lot of use in having a free membership account. Profile images are blurred out, you won't get premium match suggestions, and you can only send 'smiles' and 'likes.' However, once you do upgrade, the matching process is one of the best I've used. It's not just about location, age, and personality type - but about details such as whether you've got kids, whether your partner lives a similar lifestyle to you, and whether you'd have a real opportunity to build a life together. In my opinion, Elite Singles is asking all the right questions.

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Key Features

  • Guided registration with advice and tips.
  • Three premium account options - Light, Comfort, and Classic.
  • Elite Singles claim to match 2,000 successful couples per month.
  • Dedicated mobile app.
  • Wildcard Matches are received daily.
  • Personality profile - that you can change or revisit.
  • Icebreaker conversation starters.
  • Easy location-based search filters.
  • Customer Care profile verification for security.
  • Primarily used by users aged 30 or over.
  • Direct private messaging (unlimited on a premium account).
  • A perfect gender split of 50/50 men and women.

Premium Membership Fees



Monthly Price


Free Membership
6 Months Membership
1 Month Membership
3 Months Membership

Final Thoughts

The Elite Singles premium membership prices seem a little odd; you can save a whopping 42% by increasing a three-month membership to six months! If you upgrade from six to twelve months, that's only a further 5% saving. Perhaps that's because most members find a six-month membership enough time to meet their perfect match - and therefore, a year's membership isn't as popular?

In any case, it's not cheap, and free membership is available but has so little functionality (profile photos are blurred out thumbnails) you're going to need to subscribe to get any value from your membership. For my money, it's probably worth it. There are millions of free dating sites out there - and some excellent ones! - BUT if you are looking for exact matches, people with a similar lifestyle to your own, and want a premium dating service that has a realistic likelihood of finding you a date you'd actually like to go on? I'd say Elite Singles is money well spent.It's not so much about the cost and more about value for me. As a woman on the 'wrong' side of 30, I find many mainstream dating sites full of 20-somethings wanting a hookup, even when that's not really the demographic of the service. 

By charging premium prices, Elite Singles has created a platform where it stands apart as a dating service that is only suited to singles looking for a genuine connection. Over 90% of members are aged 30+, and about 82% went to university. While I fall into one of those two categories, I feel like I've found my tribe here, and the members are much more likely to be people I'd be happy sharing my time with than I've seen on most of the dating sites out there.

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