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The Essential Steps to Great Bisexual Dating

March 10, 2022
The Essential Steps to Great Bisexual Dating

If you've met a bisexual date on one of the top 10 best dating sites or are bisexual yourself, it can feel complicated blending your lifestyle and relationship values with a new partner - but it doesn't have to be!

Although many heterosexual people find bisexuality difficult to understand, it's all about communication and sharing your expectations from your relationship.

Rather than a 'best of both worlds' scenario, you'll find that most people on bisexual dating sites are not necessarily looking for an unconventional relationship (and it is NOT an indication that they're interested in multi-partner dates!).

Today, Best10DatingGuide runs through advice for people exploring bisexuality on the top 10 dating sites in USA states or educating themselves about what it's like dating on bisexual dating sites.

What Does it Mean to Be Bisexual?

Let's start with the basics. If you're attracted to both men and women, you may be bisexual - but there isn't a uniform way to define what that means.

Some daters on bisexual dating sites prefer one gender or might feel physically attracted to one sex but more emotionally attracted to the other, so it's not anything you can put into a box.

The easiest way to define bisexuality is that it means someone has the potential to be attracted to both genders in one way or another.

Let's be clear that it doesn't always indicate that a person is interested in a sexual relationship with men and women. Still, their feelings determine how they may wish to identify their sexuality.

It's important to understand, so you have a better idea about what it might mean to connect with someone on one of the top 10 best dating sites and discover that they are bisexual.

How to Start Online Bisexual Dating as a Single

If you think you may be bisexual or are certain that you are, the best starting point is to examine your feelings and desires before you jump into the top 10 dating sites in USA states and start becoming conflicted about who to chat with!

Here are some of the questions that might help:

  • Do you feel physically attracted to one or both genders?
  • Which gender are you most comfortable spending time with?
  • Do you think that you are heterosexual, bisexual or homosexual?
  • Who would you turn to if you were stressed or in need of support?

Of course, feelings change, and sexualities evolve, so you don't have to pin down a name for your emotions - but it's worth giving yourself space to explore and assess how you feel comfortable identifying and dating.

Being bisexual doesn't always mean that a bisexual dating site is for you - if you are sexually attracted to one gender, a mainstream dating site or gay dating platform might be best, but the choice is yours!

What Does it Mean to Date Someone Bisexual?

Let's think about the other scenario - you've met someone special and think you have an opportunity to create a great partnership together, but they're bisexual, and you are not.

Now, sexuality doesn't, in any way, make a person more likely to want a specific type of relationship - so a bisexual person, and any other, might:

  • Want to date casually to see which experiences they enjoy.
  • Look for a long-term committed, monogamous relationship.
  • Be interested in dating men and women, or only one gender.
  • Hope to meet friends and find a welcoming community of bisexual people.

If you are dating a bisexual person, the correct approach is to discuss your feelings and see whether that impacts your relationship.

For example, a bisexual date may have strong feelings for you but want to spend time with the other gender to feel satisfied - although that could be a platonic friendship and doesn't infer that they will expect to be in an open arrangement.

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How Do I Start a New Relationship as a Bisexual Person?

When you've first come to understand your emotions and needs from a relationship, it can be very daunting to start dating - especially if you're excited to date a different gender than you've experienced before!

There are lots of ways to make this a relaxed and fun time:

  • Joining bisexual or niche dating sites: not just to date, but to enter forums and chat rooms where others will normally be happy to share advice and give you some ideas about what worked for them.
  • Being honest in your dating profile: nobody wants to meet someone online and then be confused about something they weren't upfront about, so it's best to state if you've just come out as bisexual and don't want to dive in with both feet.
  • Taking your time: maybe try attending a few social events or meet-ups with like-minded people to immerse yourself in the community and see where it takes you.

It's also a great time to sit back and decide what you want. Are you interested in dating other bisexual people, or would you struggle with jealousy if they have a tight-knit friendship group to which they could potentially be attracted?

Like any date, it's wise to get to know each other and determine whether you're after the same type of relationship before you get seriously involved. Someone who isn't heterosexual will typically understand your situation far easier.

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Tips for Joining a Bisexual Dating Site is a perfect place to start if you haven't tried bisexual dating before and want to test the waters!

Our LGBT categories cover a broad range of dating niches, from bisexual dating to lesbian platforms and dating sites specifically for bisexual men.

Before you join, we'd recommend visiting our reviews to gain insights into subscription costs, membership locations and the type of service on offer.

People new to bisexual dating should look for a secure site with ID verification, online chat functions, message boards and different pricing information to ensure they get the best quality experience from their online dating adventures!

Lauren Edwards-Fowle
Lauren Edwards-Fowle
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