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10 Tips to Find the Best Dating Sites for Professional Women

April 16, 2021
10 Tips to Find the Best Dating Sites for Professional Women

Women can have a rough ride when it comes to dating. If you're looking for the best online dating in Saskatoon or another Canadian region, we'd strongly recommend steering well clear of the common swipe-dating hookup apps!

The issue for millions of professional women is that:

  • They want to meet mature, independent men who share their aspirations.
  • They have limited time for dating or romance and won't want to waste it.
  • They find that generic Toronto Canada dating sites don't work.

In this guide, we'll run through 10 tips from the Best10 dating experts to streamline your online experiences and help you choose the best dating sites for your needs.

Always, Always, Choose a Professional Dating Site

Now, we know that there are many misconceptions about 'professional' dating sites, and perhaps some use words or names such as 'elite' or 'mature,' which can be a massive turn-off to career-focused women.

However, they can be an excellent resource. You don't need to earn a certain salary to join or be in any specific line of work.

Not everybody on the best Toronto Canada dating sites for professionals is a high-flying lawyer or doctor, and you could be busy with studying, running your own business, or find that work takes up a big chunk of your time.

Opt for a Premium Dating Service

Professional dating isn't necessarily expensive, but if you're low on spare time, you must choose one of the professional Canadian dating sites that provide a comprehensive matchmaking service.

Here's how they work (and why it's worth it!):

  1. The profiles are more detailed and allow you to include information about your lifestyle instead of being purely material.
  2. Algorithms scan your personality test results or 'looking for' information to recommend matches that fit with all of your parameters.
  3. Factors such as your interests, relationship aspirations, location and age are all used to identify compatible professionals who are also looking for romance.

In short, this sort of service makes the whole process much more streamlined and saves you having to spend hours running manual searches to see if there is anybody out there who ticks all your boxes.

Look at Site Reviews and Recommendations

Professional women are less likely to be interested in fickle swipe dating. They are more likely to take a little time to leave a review if they've had a particularly good or bad experience.

The Best10 professional dating site reviews include details about pricing, memberships, security, messaging features and success rates to help you get a good idea about whether the site you're considering is value for money.

You can also check out app reviews on the Google or Apple stores, Trust Pilot rating and other independent review platforms.

Don't Get Frustrated If It Isn't Instant

We get it-you're busy, you're fed up with having no life partner to share your challenges and successes with, and have decided to do something about it!

However, online dating does take time, and it's essential to go with it; and appreciate that finding a perfect partner to join you in your journey isn't a one-time job that will be done and dusted in a week!

Look at your match suggestions, update your profile regularly, read your inbox messages, and don't panic that you're not going to find love if the results aren't immediate.

Adjust Your Site Selection for Your Age

There is every possibility you are a professional woman in your early 20s, or you might be decades older and have similar needs when it comes to a dating app.

Age can be a deciding factor in the best Toronto Canada dating sites for you, so it's wise to look at an app's demographic before registering.

Many professional dating sites talk about 'mature dating,' which can sound a little condescending - but they're not always talking about seniors or people above retirement age!

With the vast majority of generic apps aimed at people from around 18 - 25, that usually means real-life adults, the kind of people who own their home, pay their bills, and have their own car.

Be Realistic About What You Want

Your career choice is no indication of your personality or relationship goals, so it's equally essential, to be honest about what you'd like from a partner.

Is that marriage, commitment, partnership and a long-term connection? Or, do you want to blow off steam at the weekend and want someone cute to spend time with without getting bogged down in anything too serious?

Think it through, and make sure your professional dating app caters to the relationship style you're searching for - and be sure to include that information in your profile.

Dedicate a Little Time Each Week

One of the reasons professional dating apps are so popular is that busy people are, well, busy! However, you get from the experience what you put in, so it's key to carve out a little time, even if that's only once a week.

Ignoring messages, not responding to likes, having a profile that's months out of date, and never logging in to chat can all harm your chances of finding someone special.

Choose a Dating Site With an App

The best way to cater to this time allocation is to opt for a dating site with a downloadable app. That way, you don't need to be sitting somewhere quiet in front of a PC or laptop and can keep your chats alive even in small snatches of time!

It's also a great way to build momentum if you're in the middle of a steamy chat with a dreamy man or woman, so they don't feel forgotten about or low on your priority list.

Consider Professional Dating Apps with Longer Subscription Periods

As we say, dating can take time. If online dating in Saskatoon app offers a weekly subscription price or goes up to three months, it's unlikely they are used to people who want to find authentic, long-term relationships.

Put Your Inhibitions Aside - You're Not at Work Here!

Finally, relax. We acknowledge that professional women can be under lots of stress and be juggling a thousand spinning plates at once - but this pressure should never apply to your love life!

Make it a time for self-care, and sit back and enjoy the opportunity to meet other professionals, chat about your life, and connect with those who will have an understanding of precisely what it means to be a single professional in today's world.

Lauren Edwards-Fowle
Lauren Edwards-Fowle
Lauren is a freelance writer passionate about how we develop rewarding experiences, and overcoming the barriers we face to living our best lives. Lauren writes regularly about the modern world of dating, relationships, parenthood, and social dynamics.