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Do Online Dating Sites Represent Good Value For Money?

October 5, 2021
Do Online Dating Sites Represent Good Value For Money?

Online dating is big business. While money can't buy happiness, it might pay for a subscription to the best online dating app that will help you find it!

However, how much should you expect to pay for a dating platform - and are the most expensive services the most successful?

In today's article, the Best10Dating team analyzes the average subscription cost for the top dating sites in Montreal and further afield to help you weigh up the cost vs reward of paying for a quality dating membership.

The Dating Game - What Does It Cost?

Let's start with Tinder, one of the largest dating sites in the world. 

The realm of swipe dating has made pricing a bigger conversation, with a peculiarity that Tinder premium costs increase once you hit 28.

Now, we're not clear why 28 is the magic number, but perhaps the marketing team at Tinder perceives that older daters are reaching the point where they are so keen to couple up, their budget instantly increases!

Tinder offers three subscriptions - Plus, Gold and Platinum. 

On average, in Canadian Dollars, you'll pay:

  • Between $47 and $51 per month for Tinder Gold if you're in your 30s.
  • A comparable $24 to $26 if you're still in your 20s.

Quite a difference, right! There is a clear distinction in those prices, and it's made many singles look a little closer at the value for money they are receiving.

Now, let's be clear that most dating platforms don't base costs on your age, but it's wise to research reviews of the best online dating app choices and check out the prices before you sign up - especially if your birthday is approaching!

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Can You Find Love On Free Dating Sites In Montreal?

So, the big question is where you need to pay those premium prices to stand a chance at meeting your happily-ever-after, or whether a free app will seal the deal.

Generally, a premium service is always going to be a better option.

If you're serious about finding a partner, then a paid subscription means you're going to have:

  • More detailed search parameters.
  • Insights into potential matches.
  • Better customer service support.

For example, a high-end dating site will ask a series of questions to analyze your personality and then suggest dates they think match your relationship values.

A free swipe app usually just displays users based on gender, age and location, so it's worth paying if you want specific matches and greater depth of information about the people you're chatting to online.

In short, investing in your dating experience will produce better results than going for the freebie. You can usually set parameters such as only contacting people who also want kids or who don't!

The key here is to acknowledge that dating isn't a numbers game, and it doesn't have a time limit.

Don't commit before you're ready, and go for a more extended subscription (most offer a cheaper deal for 12-months) so you don't feel any pressure to find a match in the next seven days.

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Which Are The Most And Least Expensive Dating Apps?

The best online dating apps often perform better on their free services than a lacklustre platform that charges a low subscription rate.

Not all dating sites are created equal, so there isn't a simple way to clarify whether online dating is good value for money since it depends so heavily on your chosen platform.

Here are some of the most popular options:

  • OkCupid is a vast dating site with millions of members and regular new sign-ups. A six-month premium subscription will set you back about $150 (CAD), but the platform is modern, easy to use, and accessible for LGBTQ daters.
  • Hinge has a decent free version, and you get unlimited messaging without paying a cent. However, you get a maximum of 10 likes a day and have to go through your likes one at a time. Upgrading to a preferred member will cost $75 for six months.
  • Tinder is easy to set up - however; it's hookup heavy, so not great if you're looking for a serious relationship. You can't see who has liked you unless you match or pay for premium, and you'll pay about $75 for a six-month platinum account.
  • Bumble is a great dating site for setting clear boundaries. However, you've got just 24 hours to respond to a match before it disappears. Three months on premium costs about $84, or you can buy a lifetime membership for $250, which works out as decent value if you use the app regularly.

This snapshot demonstrates the variety of pros and cons out there and the need to look at the value you're getting before you invest hours into creating your profile.

Lauren Edwards-Fowle
Lauren Edwards-Fowle
Lauren is a freelance writer passionate about how we develop rewarding experiences, and overcoming the barriers we face to living our best lives. Lauren writes regularly about the modern world of dating, relationships, parenthood, and social dynamics.