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How to Act on a First Date - Guide For Teenage Guys

September 6, 2021
How to Act on a First Date - Guide For Teenage Guys

Your first forays into the world of teenage dating can be a nerve-jangling mixture of excitement, hormones, anxiety, and expectations!

Say you've met a stunning girl on the most popular dating apps Boston and want to be a great boyfriend, but you've got to get through the first date to make that happen.

Adults can seem blasé about relationships and dating, but there's no doubt it's tough for young people to understand what to do - and not, what to wear - and not, and how to interact with other teens who perhaps they don't know that well!

Here we've put together some great tips for teenage boys who want to  ensure their first Las Vegas singles meetup goes amazingly well.

Take Your Time - Romance Isn't a Rush!

The first tip is to ensure you're relaxed, calm, and don't seem to be pushing too much. Of course, easier said than done when everything is a whirl of enthusiasm but trust us, this matters.

Being a teenager can mean you're inherently a little more selfish (that's not a put-down, bear with me here!).

Emotional maturity, empathy, and understanding other people's perspectives aren't something you can be expected to have nailed - and, in honesty, those are things that a good chunk of adults can't do either.

With that in mind, you'll need to try and give thought to her feelings, emotions, expectations, and values before launching full blast into something new.

A teenage guy who is chilled, respectful, and asks a girl how she feels about things is the best date she can hope for - and shows that you're mature, kind, and treat girls with the same manners they expect.

Calm Down the Cockiness

Again, that might sound like a critique, but it's not!

Teenage guys, in general, are amazingly confident. Check out the most popular dating apps Boston, and you'll see no end of good-looking boys showcasing their new biceps, thickening beard, or super cool skate tricks.

When you're on a first date, you MUST remember it's about two people, not just one.

Very often, trying to impress a date goes wrong because confidence tips into arrogance, or your date perceives you're so invested in yourself you're not that bothered about her.

Now, no teenage guy is expected to be fully mature, mindful, and self-aware. Still, if you spend some time thinking about questions to ask, or ways to kick start a conversation, you can make sure you're putting your date at the center of your attention rather than yourself.

Be a Friend First, a Boyfriend Second

If that sounds counter-intuitive, it's actually the best way to start a meaningful relationship with a teenage girl.

Just as teens can be super confident, the other half deals with a massive range of insecurities and anxieties. But, of course, if you're a teenager yourself, you know that's true.

Being a friend to a girl doesn't mean you'll never get that elusive first kiss. Instead, it means that, when you do, it's because she trusts you and values your presence in her life.

That's so much more valuable than being a cute guy she likes hanging out with!

Friendship can take many forms, but it's about:

  • Learning what she loves, what she's passionate about.
  • Getting to know a girl as a person, not just a date.
  • Being there for her when she needs you - and knowing she'll do the same.
  • Creating a foundation of mutual trust that you can build on.

Teenage girls tend to be reluctant to commit to any relationship without having that baseline of friendship first, partly because they know that some guys aren't interested in anything tangible.

Be her friend, get to know one another, and let your romance blossom from there.

Mind Your Manners

So, when you were chatting on the Las Vegas singles meetup site, you were friendly, kind, responsive, and polite.

Now you're on a first date; you're trying to show her how in control you are and think the best way to do that is to be assertive.

That's great and commendable - but you need to be sure you're using excellent manners, not just taking charge of ordering from the menu or deciding where to meet.

Manners aren't just a prerequisite for dating in your teens but are a common reason relationships fail - because a lack of courtesy or respect for others automatically translates into a personality that's likely to become disrespectful to her, too, later on.

Whether chatting to the bus driver, waiter, skate hire guy, server - always be kind, and she'll know you're a decent person.

The same goes for how you treat your date.

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That can be tricky because many girls don't ever want to feel patronized by being pandered to - but if you hold the door or wait for her to sit down before you do, it shows a bit of traditional respect that doesn't go unnoticed.

Speak Well of Others

We've touched on the need for excellent manners, but remember that goes for how you talk, too!

Here are some examples of conversations that are a red flag for most teenage girls:

  • Making rude jokes about your Mom.
  • Being snide about past dates.
  • Talking down about your ex.
  • Poking fun at passers-by.
  • Laughing at a girl’s outfit.

Even if those comments feel perfectly justified, the way you talk about one girl signifies your attitude to all women - so be mindful of your language and the signals you're sending out.

Plan Dates Creatively

Finally, we'd recommend putting some thought into your first date.

The ideal is that you decide together, so it's a mutual decision, and you're confident you're doing an activity or going somewhere you'll both enjoy.

However, if she prefers you to take the lead, try to cast your mind back to conversations or chats to identify something you think would make for a fantastic surprise.

First dates don't have to be expensive! You could meet in the park and bring a picnic or snacks with her favorite foods or stop off to pick up pizza at the new place she's wanted to try.

Thoughtfulness and effort speak volumes!

Lauren Edwards-Fowle
Lauren Edwards-Fowle
Lauren is a freelance writer passionate about how we develop rewarding experiences, and overcoming the barriers we face to living our best lives. Lauren writes regularly about the modern world of dating, relationships, parenthood, and social dynamics.