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How to Tip an Online Dating Connection Into a Relationship

January 10, 2022
How to Tip an Online Dating Connection Into a Relationship

Transforming a digital relationship from a message on the free single sites into a real-life romance can be an amazing experience!

Online dating fatigue is also a real phenomenon, even if you're enjoying your connections on the top 10 dating sites in USA states.

When you start to feel burned out, it's time to venture into the real world and avoid writing more agonizing messages to try and get a weeks-old conversation going.

In this guide, the Best10DatingGuide experts provide insights into the best ways to navigate from that first message on the free single sites into a relationship built to last.

Begin With a List of Your Most Exciting Matches

It might sound silly, but writing a list of those profiles that have sent your heart all a-flutter is a great place to start.

The issue with online dating, especially on the jam-packed top 10 dating sites in USA dating, is that you'll likely come across hundreds of potential partners, and it's tough to keep track of your messages to avoid missing out on a golden opportunity.

Some apps give you the option to save matches or flag profiles you'd like to spend a bit of time on, but if your dating platform doesn't have this feature, a good old-fashioned pen and paper will do the job.

The point here isn't to find your future spouse, but to:

  • Keep your options open without forgetting about a good match.
  • Avoid pointless messaging until you've had time to check out each profile.
  • Shortlist perhaps 20 to 30 people who you think have real potential.
  • Cut down on dating fatigue - keeping up with tonnes of messaging streams is stressful, time-consuming, and impossible to maintain for long.

Adding to your list, or crossing off matches that you've ruled out, means you can focus your time strategically without feeling drained at the prospect of another week-long chat that isn't going where you're heading.

Be Mindful and Deliberate in Your Interactions

Once you've got a fluid list going, you'll find that there are tonnes of advantages to this organizational route.

Yep, it might seem a little 'corporate,' but the benefits are that:

  • YOU decide whom you message and when - no waiting around for replies that never come.
  • Response rates are better, and you can take the initiative and message first when you come across a match that makes it to the top of your list.
  • Whittling down the prospects means you don't run dry of matches or waste time on a profile that isn't what you're looking for.

If you decide to message and don’t get a response, it's no big deal.

You go back to the list, check out your next top choice, and see whether they match your relationship aspirations better.

Look For Ways to Make Messaging More Personal

There's something about inboxing someone on a dating site that feels either a bit like an interview or like you're a kid who can't meet actual people for a date.

However, the plus points are that you get the barrier of safety and don't end up spending an evening with someone who quickly turns out to be the opposite of relationship material.

One of the options here is to avoid long and drawn-out messages and see how you can get to know each other better and form a closer bond to make informed decisions about whether to suggest a date.

The key is only to select matches where you feel confident that they are who they say they are and know that you've got some things in common that could form the basis of a long-term relationship.

Video messages and phone calls are perfect examples:

  • The momentum builds, where you both sense the connection ramping up from more than a generic message feed in your dating up.
  • Your interactions become personal and tell you more about someone's personality than any static text conversation can.
  • It avoids the potential for distraction by other pings and matches that might mean you don't put the proper effort into testing the waters you're already swimming in.

Generally, men tend to ask for numbers first, but there’s no reason not to take the plunge, regardless of your sexuality or gender!

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Organize a Date - A Real Date!

If you're serious about finding out whether this fledgling relationship is likely to become something tangible, the final step is to discuss a real date.

You don't need to place all your bets on one person, but a casual, relaxed meeting can mean you either validate your positive opinion of this date or decide that it’s not destined to go any further.

Any matches that seem reluctant or wary of meeting probably aren't a great prospect at this stage, so it's also a chance to slim down your list of potential partners and find those interested in finding someone special.

When you've spent time messaging, checked out their profile, have had a few video calls, and found out whether you've got common interests, the first date often feels more like a second date. That means you can get right into the good stuff; without the generic initial conversations!

This date isn't blind, it isn't by chance, and it doesn't have a high failure rate because you've selected your preferred bi aussie sites and taken your time to evaluate the connection before investing any additional time.

Dating is, for want of a better expression, a bit of a numbers game, but a systematic approach takes the emotions out of it just a bit and means you take back control of the situation to make clear decisions about how you'd like to proceed.

The trick is, always, to have fun!

Picking cute dates, deciding who to message, and the nerves of a first meeting are all part of the experience.

If it doesn't go well, you've lost nothing but an hour or two of your time - and your list of preferred matches is ready and waiting for you to try again.

Lauren Edwards-Fowle
Lauren Edwards-Fowle
Lauren is a freelance writer passionate about how we develop rewarding experiences, and overcoming the barriers we face to living our best lives. Lauren writes regularly about the modern world of dating, relationships, parenthood, and social dynamics.