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Personality Traits Women Deeply Desire in a Man

August 25, 2021
Personality Traits Women Deeply Desire in a Man

Even the best dating app in UK culture isn't going to be a lot of help if your profile content signals a big fat red flag to single women!

The problem for a lot of guys is that they're focusing on the wrong things. Here at Best10Dating, we often see profiles that feature off-putting things, like:

  • Boasting, arrogance and bragging.
  • Inappropriate profile images.
  • Obviously fake achievements.

Women on the best free online dating apps aren't going to send you a wink because of your salary or the definition of your biceps, so step right outside of the bro mindset.

Instead, you want to showcase your personality, interests, and softer qualities that are so crucial to women in choosing a partner they'd like to date.\

Let's run through some of the top personality traits that women search for most often to help you create a winning profile.

Kindness and Loyalty

You guessed it - women want men they can rely on to stick around.

A life partner isn't going to be quick to judge, ruthlessly competitive, and constantly keeping one eye on the door for the next big thing.

Around 84% of women say that faithfulness is in their top 10 requirements for a date, so showing that you value female relationships is a significant factor in online dating.

It also depends a little on the type of platform you're using.

The best dating site in the world for committed couples isn't the space for hookups, so ensure you've selected the right network in the first place for the type of dates you want.

Moral Values

Next up, women want to meet men who stand for something and champion integrity in everything they do.

Of course, we've all got different values and aspirations, so there isn't any specific moral code you need to be an awesome boyfriend, but think about:

  • Honesty - do you advocate truthfulness, even when it's awkward?
  • Humility - can you say sorry when you know it was your fault?
  • Modesty - do you appreciate the value everyone brings to the table?

Great men usually have these traits down pat, but make sure you think about your dating profile and don't be afraid to talk a little about the things that matter most to you.

Listening Skills

The apparent stereotype is that women love to chat, and men are dark and brooding.

It's nonsense, really, but accurate that women rate listening skills as a desirable quality. Around 53% of women say that they want to date men who will listen - and that's nothing to do with mindless gossip.

Listening shows that:

  • You care what she thinks, how she feels, and what she wants to share.
  • You aren't more interested in your phone or social media than your date.
  • You want to be involved in her life and are there to help.

On a date, ask a question for each one you receive, and avoid any long monologues about your exceptional goal at football practice last week - it'll make for a much more successful evening!

Confidence and Charisma

Now, we've talked about arrogance, and it's fair to say there's a bit of a grey area between being confident and self-assured and coming across as a bit cocky.

Confidence equals security, so being comfortable in your skin is a great personality trait that will come across in the best dating app in UK circles through your conversation, photos, and reactiveness.

Arrogance, of course, is a lot less sexy, so steer clear of the semi-naked beach shots, and you'll reign in your personality, so it's cool, calm, collected and confident.


Ok, so GSOH is a cliché and not something we'd ever advocate putting in your dating profile!

However, 77% of women want to date guys with whom they can laugh. 

Humour doesn't mean you need to be a stand-up comic or have a list of one-liners in your head, but that you don't take life so seriously that you can't laugh about it now and then.

Being able to laugh is a great trait because it shows that you're open to having fun, and recognising the importance of the silly stuff.


This personality trait is a biggie! Respect is a benchmark of a great guy, and it's essential to any successful relationship.

Showing respect on the best free online dating apps isn't about promoting social causes or being a charitable volunteer but your everyday interactions.

Think about:

  • How you talk about other women in your life - say your Mum or boss. 
  • Being courteous to your waiter or cab driver.
  • Showing patience and understanding when someone's made a mistake.

Respectful men make women feel like they’re going to be caring and nurturing partners and a man they'd enjoy spending time with.


Another significant factor is that women desire men who can laugh, be silly, have fun, but at the same time embrace a mature outlook.

Emotional maturity doesn't mean that you should be dour and look at the practicalities of every situation. That's hardly an appealing attitude!

However, mature men can deal with things rationally, don't overreact, and take a mindful approach to solve problems.

Being mature makes a guy a more straightforward person to negotiate with, a better father in the long run, and someone who won't run screaming from a new relationship if something happens that wasn't in the plan.

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Emotional Availability

Finally, one of the most prized male personality traits on the best dating site in the world is emotional availability.

Yep, you're single, interested in dating, and that’s fine. 

But are you emotionally available? 

  • So are you happy to open up about your dreams and aspirations? 
  • Or do you treat a relationship as a purely superficial arrangement where you don't need to contribute anything beyond 50% of the dinner bill?

This maturity is also synonymous with empathy and means that a guy will be able to listen to his date when they're feeling a little raw and won't be scared off by a few tears when they've had a truly terrible day.

Lauren Edwards-Fowle
Lauren Edwards-Fowle
Lauren is a freelance writer passionate about how we develop rewarding experiences, and overcoming the barriers we face to living our best lives. Lauren writes regularly about the modern world of dating, relationships, parenthood, and social dynamics.