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The Best Valentines Gift Ideas for 2022

February 10, 2022
The Best Valentines Gift Ideas for 2022

Choosing a Valentine's Day present isn't always as easy as you think! 

Sure, a dozen red roses, a super-cute bear or anything heart-shaped might be a good option, but they're not to everyone's taste!

Today the experts from the Best10DatingGuide team, who review the best 10 dating sites across a broad range of relationship niches, provide some of our recommendations for the top Valentine's Day gift ideas that will knock their socks off.

Alternative Valentine's Day Surprises

If you're beginning a romance on one of the popular bisexual dating sites or have an unconventional relationship, likely, you're not keen on the generic presents that flood the shops every February.

Let's get started with some of the Valentine's Day gift ideas that have made us raise an eyebrow or laugh out loud.

Personalised Valentines Prints

Get this right, and you're golden - but tread carefully! 

Mini dolls, towels, t-shirts and pillows printed with your beautiful face are ridiculously funny, but you need to have a partner with a great sense of humour so it doesn't come across as a tad possessive! 

Phone Jails for Quality Time 

Perhaps a little passive-aggressive if it's a serious issue in your relationship, but if you want your partner to spend more time paying you attention, this could be a good option.

It's a nice way to gently suggest that you'd like a romantic evening by agreeing to both lock your phones in a sweet mini jail and make sure all your focus is on each other.

Sexy Board Game Gifts 

Try Strip Cluedo or Monogamy if you want to play a game with a steamy difference!

These are just a couple of examples, but you can make each other smile and get to act out some of your wildest fantasies without a remote control in sight.

Bouquets of Anything But Flowers

You can buy bouquets of your partner's favourite things, showing that you know their personality inside out, and have put real thought (without a tonne of effort) into picking a great gift.

Chorizo bouquet, sweet treats or an arrangement of cheeses, anyone?

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Choosing a Great Valentine's Day Surprise for Him

So much of the a-typical Valentine's fare is aimed at women, so if you want to find a brilliant Valentine's Day surprise for him, you might have to put more imagination into it than nipping to the garage for a wilting bunch of flowers on your way home.

Forget boring aftershave or another pair of socks; let's be a little more creative about treating the guys in our lives!

For the Long-Distance Lover

If you don't get to see your date as often as you'd like, or you're dealing with a long-distance relationship on one of the bisexual dating sites, here's an option to feel closer.

Moulding kits are exactly what you think they are, and you can create your very own, heavily bespoke vibrator based on the precise credentials of your favourite person!

It's silly, funny, and a flirty way to remind your love that they're the only one for you, in all the important ways.

For the Sensitive Male Date

Not all guys are into beer pong and beards, and if your partner is sensitive or needs reassurance that they're always in your thoughts, love notes are a wonderful way to say I love you.

You can buy a set of love notes online, packaged beautifully, or create your own with a pen, a load of coloured paper strips, and a glass pot or sealable mason jar.

Write down 365 notes so every day of the year, your loved one can open a little reminder of why they're so important.

For the Always-Hungry Chocolate Fiend

Nope, we're not going to suggest a box of chocolates - we're looking at amazing surprises to suit the diverse personalities we see on the best 10 dating sites, after all!

A giant, luxurious Hershey's Kiss is a hilarious gift that anyone who has a chocolate craving will adore.

Think of it as a traditional Valentine's Day surprise for him, but with a super-sized difference.

Awesome Valentine's Presents for Women

If you're in a committed relationship, you've probably given countless bottles of champagne, sparkly jewellery and flowers on Valentine's Day, so make 2022 the year you do something your partner isn't expecting.

Here are some of our favourites:

  • Personalised marmite - provided they love it, rather than hate it!
  • Wonder Woman PJs, socks or workout gear - if you have a wonderful woman in your life that's your superhero, make sure she knows.
  • SAD light therapy box - millions of people find this time of year gloomy and depressing, so if you want to gift something that will make a significant difference to your partner's happiness, why not buy a present that will actually help! 
  • Couples padlock - writing or engraving your names on a padlock and fastening it to a bridge is a symbolic and heartfelt way to signify your intention to be together forever, and it's a great option if you're on a budget.

While we're talking about cost, it's also worth remembering that you don't need to spend six months of your salary on diamonds or put yourself in a pinch by splashing out on a Valentine's gift that you can't comfortably afford.

DIY Valentine’s Craft Ideas

A few of the ideas here are things you can DIY, but if you're stuck for inspiration, why not:

  • Pick up a plant pot, and paint it with hearts or your special person's favourite colours. Pop in a cactus or succulent, and they can put it somewhere prominent as a permanent reminder of your affections.
  • Make your own bouquet or hamper. You know what your date loves most, so don't be confined to the (expensive!) arrangements in-store. Bundle together anything you like, adding ribbons and bows at will.
  • Candy heart garlands. With just coloured paper and string, you can cut out dozens of bright, cheerful hearts, stringing them together, so your lover will see them the second they walk through the door! Write little messages, spell out a story, or go for the conventional love heart stamps.

We hope these suggestions have helped you narrow down the perfect gift for your favourite person this year. 

Let's not forget, love isn't limited, so if you're feeling generous, perhaps surprise your Mum, BFF, work spouse or anyone else important to you with a gesture that will make them feel loved this Valentine's.

Lauren Edwards-Fowle
Lauren Edwards-Fowle
Lauren is a freelance writer passionate about how we develop rewarding experiences, and overcoming the barriers we face to living our best lives. Lauren writes regularly about the modern world of dating, relationships, parenthood, and social dynamics.