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The Easiest Ways to Compare Dating Sites for Single Parents

May 30, 2022
The Easiest Ways to Compare Dating Sites for Single Parents

Best10DatingGuide are experts on all things dating apps, chat rooms, forums and online sites - and we get that if you're new to single parent dating, the volume of choice can be overwhelming.

While you can always visit our top-rated sites for single parents, it's also worth understanding what we look for when conducting a review; and what matters most.

Today we've explained each of the components of a dating site recommendation to help you make clear choices about which apps are right for you.

Single Parent Dating App Membership

The first thing to check is what the membership base looks like and gender splits.

Why? Because:

  • Some apps are massively popular with certain age groups - not so much with others.
  • If you join a single parent dating site as a guy, and there are only 10% women, you're unlikely to have much success.

We'll talk about user locations shortly (and how to double-check whether there's a decent member demographic near you!).

However, the user base is just as important as the subscription costs.

As a few examples, you'll find 44% men and 56% women on Elite Singles, 48% men to 52% women on eHarmony and 49% men to 51% women on Match, so they're all good options with a balance between genders.

User Visits Per Month

Next, we'd look at popularity. Now, you don't need there to be hundreds of millions of members (you only want to meet one person, after all!).

But this can also be an influential factor in your dating prospects.

If you join a site with a very small membership base, you might expect a handful of new members to join a month.

That doesn't inspire confidence that you will get a continually updated list of suggested matches to flick through, and browsing the same profiles on repeat isn't any fun.

Higher monthly user visits are also indicative of:

  • Active, engaged users - so you'll get responses to messages.
  • Success rates - people don't log into a dating app every day if it's not proving worthwhile.
  • Good quality features - most folks on a single parent dating app log in to read messages, play matching games or respond to chat requests, so more visitors means the site offers a level of entertainment that's worth coming back to.

Member Locations

Given that dating apps are available in just about every country worldwide and many serve customers in multiple jurisdictions, you need to have some assurance that there is a localised dating pool.

The easiest way to do this is to create an account on a free sign-up.

You can run basic searches to get a broad idea about the number of potential matches and see where they are (either in miles from your location or filtered to within a maximum distance).

If that list is minimal, it might mean there simply aren't that many users within an accessible radius, regardless of how great the dating site itself might be!

Dating Niche

Most single parent dating sites are about longer-term matches, commitment and finding a life partner - but don't take that as a guarantee.

There are endless dating niches, so it's best to ensure you don't end up in the wrong place; options might include:

  • Friendship or professional networking forums.
  • Hookup or casual dating sites.
  • Unconventional apps (think swinging, threesomes etc.).
  • Although you're pretty unlikely to stumble across a single parent dating app that isn't focused on marriage and relationships, it's a point worth bearing in mind!

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Registration Process

If you're short on time, the registration process is a consideration that might make a difference.

EHarmony is one of the biggest dating sites for single parents and Christians, primarily because it matches people mainly interested in marriage.

The drawback is that you need to invest a substantial amount of time working through an in-depth questionnaire and lifestyle quiz, which looks at everything from:

  • Relationship values and goals.
  • Religion or faith.
  • Familial circumstances.
  • Age.
  • Career.
  • Personality and areas of interest.
  • Activity levels.
  • Physical appearance.
  • Ethics and morals.
  • Attitude towards conflict.
  • Living situation.
  • Wealth and income.

It's long-winded, but the idea (which has proven to work!) is that the algorithms behind the dating app produce highly accurate match recommendations based on all the information you have provided.

Single parents looking for a hassle-free registration to start their dating experience quickly are better off with MeetSingleParentMe.

You can begin browsing with just your email address and a few basic details.

Single Parent Dating Website Costs

Finally, make sure you've read the pricing details and know what a subscription will cost before signing up.

Most free trials ask for credit card information and will automatically bill you when your introductory period has run out - normally anything between seven and 30 days.

Likewise, if you register for an upgraded account for one month, you'll likely be charged immediately when that period ends, called a rolling subscription.

Of course, you can cancel or choose a dating app that doesn't have automatic billing, but it's not a common feature.

Another pricing aspect is the value for money.

If you're certain there is a good user base, plenty of quality tools and a high probability of meeting some prospective dates, you might not be fussed about how much the app costs a month.

However, most of us (and sometimes single parents, more so!) are on a limited budget - you don't want to think you've created a free dating account only to find you've been charged hundreds for a two-year subscription.

Security Benefits of Picking One of the Top 10 Dating Sites

So, does it really matter? Can't you just register for the first dating app you come across and hope for the best?

We'd strongly advise against it.

Security is a huge focus for online dating providers, with no end of spammers, bots and fake accounts littering the freebie apps - and some more suspicious activity too.

Most of the top dating sites incorporate a range of safety features, which include things like:

  • ID verification.
  • Profile picture checking.
  • Bans on fake images (or those of celebrities, plants etc.).
  • Fraud prevention schemes.
  • Bot checks.

Even if you're dabbling in single parent dating, the last thing you want is for your card details to be stolen or to waste hours chatting to someone who turns out to be a bot, so privacy protection and security are key.

Paid dating sites tend to be more secure (even without the various checks and protocols) because a scammer is less likely to pay for an account.

Some free dating sites are excellent, but they're inevitably more susceptible to fake profiles and fraud since there isn't any cost barrier.

How Can I Find the Top 10 Dating Sites for Single Parents?

The Best10DatingGuide team collates independent rankings for all the big dating niches, and across countries, with full reviews, discount codes and scores out of ten.

We cover the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, with ratings for single parent, senior, Christian, BBW and casual dating apps, so we've covered all the bases.

If you don't have time to trawl through dating sites to find the right one, you can access quick links and advice about the features, pros and cons of each option.

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Are Christian Dating Apps Good for Single Parents?

They can be, yes! There are two primary options when you're picking a single parent dating site:

  • Apps specifically designed for single parents.
  • Broader scope sites aimed at people with compatible values.

By that, we mean a genuine relationship dating site rather than a swipe dating app aimed at teenagers, casual flings and weekend hookups.

Christian dating sites can be a great option for single parents since all the members are looking for commitment and monogamous relationships, so if that's what you're after, it's a good place to start!

It's best to check the dating site niche before you sign up and create a free account to ensure you've had the opportunity to review the terms and see whether there are enough potential matches nearby.

Some Christian dating apps are strongly faith-based, and you probably won't get far if you don't consider yourself a Christian or aren't a member of a certain church denomination.

Others are far more chilled and aim to help single adults find love with someone who shares their relationship values, so there are plenty of options.

Is it Worth Using a Free Christian Dating Site?

Balancing budgets is always a consideration, but we tend not to recommend free dating sites, whether aimed at single parents or Christian daters, purely because of the security issues we talked about earlier.

That doesn't mean to say that all free dating apps are crammed with bots, but in our experience, you're much safer on a paid, premium dating site where the provider has the finances to put robust security protections in place.

However, the right single parent dating site for you depends heavily on your expectations, what you're prepared to spend, and whether you're keen to find a match as quickly as possible or just dipping your toes in the water to see if any fish bite!

Lauren Edwards-Fowle
Lauren Edwards-Fowle
Lauren is a freelance writer passionate about how we develop rewarding experiences, and overcoming the barriers we face to living our best lives. Lauren writes regularly about the modern world of dating, relationships, parenthood, and social dynamics.