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10 Proven Ways to Succeed with Online Dating

March 25, 2021
10 Proven Ways to Succeed with Online Dating

Online dating has become the most popular way for singles to meet new people. Still, it's vital to make sure you're choosing the best online dating websites in Australia if you're hoping to maximize your chances of finding love!

Best10 puts passion as our priority, and we believe that with a few secret tips for success, you can ensure your dating adventures result in the happiness and romance you're looking for.

Which are the Best Online Dating Websites in the USA, UK and Australia Regions?

First, why cover these three specific regions? Simply put, the largest global dating sites tend to start in these countries and then expand outwards through smaller nations.

New dating apps nearly always launch in one of those three countries, given that there is a more extensive user base and a widespread take-up of online dating. However, many of the best online dating websites in USA are also massively popular in other countries.

For a rundown of our independent dating site ratings and free access to full in-depth reviews by our team of dating experts, visit Best10.

How to Find Relationship Success Through Online Dating

If you're new to online dating, it can feel like a whole other world, populated with terminology and etiquette that isn't replicated anywhere else in our everyday lives.

Here are the top ten tips from the Best10 team to make sure you have the best chances of finding a relationship partner online:

  • Upload A Great Profile Photo

Single dating site members are so often kicked off a site for inadvertently breaking image upload rules. That might be because the photo includes a pet, doesn't show your face clearly, or has other people in the background - all of which are commonly forbidden.

Your profile photo is your one shot at making a great first impression, so make it count - and read up on what makes for an excellent profile. You want to show your face clearly, smile, avoid blurry, low-quality images, and update your profile photo if you've changed your appearance.

  • Take Time to Complete Your About Information

Another standard stumbling block is to skip past all the profile questions and dive straight into browsing for singles who you live the look of - and doubtless, there are thousands on the best online dating websites in UK!

However, it would help if you remembered that dating sites invariably use algorithms to identify when members have something in common, share an interest, are within a comparable age bracket, and live viably close to each other.

If you leave your profile blank, you'll get fewer match recommendations, fewer messages, and therefore reduce your chances of success.

  • Be Bold!

Sometimes easier to say than to do, but every member on a dating platform is looking for dates or romance - and if you don't take the plunge and send a message, you'll never know if the attraction is mutual!

One of the best ways to avoid sending an awkward first message is to use a like, wink or heart (depending on your chosen dating site) or try out the icebreakers to get their attention.

  • Choose Your Dating Site Wisely

We can't say it enough - not all dating sites are created equal! There are millions of options out there, but the best online dating websites in the USA, UK and Australia are those that cater to the relationship type you want.

The choices are limitless, from fetish dating to relationship matchmaking. Faith-based dating sites to platforms for single parents. Hookup casual dating apps to websites designed for mature singles.

You won't get anywhere on the wrong site, so make sure the demographic and dating niche align with your relationship goals before you sign up.

  • Don't Rush the Experience

If you've finally met someone special, the temptation might be to rush into it and get all hot under the collar - but try to stay calm, keep your cool, and let the conversation progress naturally.

Sometimes that first flush of attraction doesn't get to the next level, and it's A-OK to spend a bit of time chatting and messaging to get to know a little more about each other.

  • Expand Your Expectations

One of the worst things to do on an online dating platform is to search within the same parameters, over and over and over again. Perhaps that fantasy person in your head really doesn't exist!

It's essential to be open to meeting people who might not fall inside your definition of your 'type'. By avoiding being immediately dismissive of someone who perhaps has a different hair colour than you imagined, you might stumble across something magical.

  • Always be Honest

Everybody tends to exaggerate a little online or make sure their profile photo is the best possible angle. For sure, you're going to talk about all your positive characteristics rather than point out your flaws on a top dating site!

That said, you need to keep it real and be authentic. Starting any new relationship based on mistruths or dishonesty is destined for disaster, so while you can hype yourself up, you shouldn't ever say anything that doesn't feel honest.

  • Keep Hold of Your Boundaries

We put boundaries in place to keep control and to avoid exposing ourselves to a situation that we aren't comfortable with. Even on the best online dating websites in the US, UK and Australia, you might come across people who look ridiculously attractive but don't make you feel at ease.

Being ghosted and then suddenly bombarded with messages, a creepy undertone, or a single person who is just that bit too pushy are all no-nos. If it doesn't feel right, you are under ZERO obligation to continue the conversation.

  • Invest in Your Love Life

I'm not saying you should invest in the most expensive dating service out there for the sake of it. Still, the top dating sites will always have a premium membership option. It's only by signing up that you'll get access to all of the site features, match recommendations and member profile information.

Check out the Best10 reviews to compare pricing, value for money, and Satisfaction Guarantee policies to make sure you're spending your subscription money to the best effect.

  • Have Fun!

Way too often, dating feels like a stressful experience, a chore, and a task we want to get through and out to the other side.

What it should be is a journey, an experience, and a great way to meet new people, engage in new communities and perhaps discover a little more about ourselves in the process.

Relax, smile, laugh at the crazy stuff, and enjoy the ride - it's what life is all about!

Lauren Edwards-Fowle
Lauren Edwards-Fowle
Lauren is a freelance writer passionate about how we develop rewarding experiences, and overcoming the barriers we face to living our best lives. Lauren writes regularly about the modern world of dating, relationships, parenthood, and social dynamics.