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10 Safety Tips for Online Dating in Today's World

April 16, 2021
10 Safety Tips for Online Dating in Today's World

There is little doubt that online dating is a fantastic way to meet new people - and spend time searching for true compatibility in a far more accurate way than we can in real life!

Indeed, around 40% of people now meet their partner online!

However, it's vital never to be complacent about personal safety, whether chatting to a new person in a singles bar, striking up a conversation on your commute, or connecting with a suitable match online.

The Best10 team is delighted to offer independent, comprehensive advice to help singles worldwide make great dating choices. We're here to make dating better in every possible way, from identifying the top-rated Quebec dating sites for seniors or the best dating sites in Saskatoon.

Here we'll run through some of the crucial safety tips you need, not only to stay safe online but to have the time of your life!

Never Login to Online Dating After Drinking

The first tip might seem obvious - but it's just as important to have your wits about you when online as it is in person. We all recognize that alcohol lowers inhibitions and can make us more likely to do or say something we later regret.

This same principle applies online. If you've had a couple of glasses of wine, you might feel more relaxed and less nervous about chatting to a potential date online; and there's nothing wrong with settling your nerves!

But, you want to be sure you aren't putting yourself in a vulnerable position or in a place where you're more likely to be susceptible to scammers trying to elicit private information or financial details from you.

Research, Research, Research!

Next up, it pays to do a bit of homework, both before you start your online dating adventures and before meeting someone new.

There are a few reasons why this can make a significant difference to your dating experiences:

  1. Reading through the rankings to check out the best dating sites Saskatoon or the most popular Quebec dating sites will ensure you are only joining dating apps that have sufficient security and ID verifications to keep you safe.
  2. Checking out social media profiles of prospective dates online is also wise. For example, you can check that their photos match the profile picture on the dating site.
  3. Taking control of your dating life is also vital for your self-confidence. If you know, say, that you are signing up somewhere specifically for single-parent dating in Canada, you're going to be more comfortable conversing and engaging.

Don't ever worry that research makes you seem like a suspicious person - it's a benchmark of looking out for your personal safety.

Don't Give Out Your Real Phone Number

Even the best dating sites in Canada can be at risk from fake profiles. As spammers become more sophisticated, it is always critical that you're conscious about the possibility that even a gorgeous match who seems otherwise perfect might not be who they say they are.

Personal information holds a great deal of value, and we're all conscious of identity fraud and how simple it can be to clone payment details.

With that in mind, the Best10 team always advises using a dating app SMS service or phone redirection service. You can also use the Google Voice app to use a free number to mask your actual digits.

You can block anyone you don't want to talk with, keep your number private, and filter out any calls or messages that are unsolicited.

Protect Your Privacy

Much in the same vein, it's equally important to look after other personal details. That might include:

  1. Surnames or names of children, family members, or friends.
  2. Places you hang out, where you work, or where you study.
  3. Your address, any financial information, or private details.

Of course, once you've got to know someone and been on a few dates, you'll want to share details about your life, but while you're online, be smart about giving out information that a spammer could use for malicious purposes.

Take Your Time Chatting and Connecting

We've all experienced that heady rush of excitement when meeting someone who seems just perfect! The key to remember is that, if it's love, you have all the time in the world.

While it might be tempting to arrange a real-life date immediately or to turn those steamy chats into something more tangible, don't ever feel rushed, and never agree to take things another step until you are ready.

By connecting online and spending real quality time getting to know a little more about each other, you both demonstrate good safety awareness and make a better judgment about whether your compatibility is more than superficial.

Video Chat Before Meeting Up

Once you feel like you've texted more than enough and had a few phone calls, we'd then recommend opting for a video call.

Again, this has multiple benefits. You can make sure you're speaking to an authentic person and aren't a victim of catfishing. The video chat will make sure you still feel as attracted to each other without any glossy filters, and you can ensure you're comfortable meeting this person alone in a real-life scenario.

Many dating apps offer video chat functions, or you could try FaceTime, Skype, Zoom or Google Hangouts as a few options.

Take the Normal Safety Precautions on a First Date

Now, romance and nerves aside, you must remember that anybody you have met online isn't a person you actually know.

Even if you've selected the top-rated Canadian dating site and have chatted extensively with this person, they're still not someone you already know or with whom you're likely to have mutual friends.

Safety isn't something to take lightly, so giving some thought to where and when you meet and ensuring you have backup plans if it doesn't go well is essential.

Let A Friend Know Where You're Going

One of the best ways to guard against a failed first date is to ensure someone knows:

  1. Where you are going, on what day and time.
  2. Who you are meeting, their name and perhaps a profile screenshot.
  3. When you'll expect to be back, and how you're going to travel.

This safeguard means that if something goes wrong, you can call for a lift or have a friend check-in at intervals during the date to be sure it's all going ok.

Meet Somewhere Public

Again, you don't have any rock-solid guarantee about who an online date will turn out to be, so never meet somewhere private, don't accept a lift, and refuse to meet at their home.

Authentic dates will always be comfortable meeting somewhere public - perhaps a cafe for coffee or lunch, a walk in the park, or anywhere with a reasonable amount of people that isn't secluded.

Rely on Your Own Transport

Finally, make your own travel arrangements, whether that is public transport or driving yourself. That way, you not only have the assurance that you can leave whenever you want but aren't reliant on someone you don't yet know very well to get you home safely.

We hope these online dating safety tips are helpful and wish you every success in your dating adventures!

Lauren Edwards-Fowle
Lauren Edwards-Fowle
Lauren is a freelance writer passionate about how we develop rewarding experiences, and overcoming the barriers we face to living our best lives. Lauren writes regularly about the modern world of dating, relationships, parenthood, and social dynamics.