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20 Tips to Keep the Conversation Flowing on Your Dating Apps

January 10, 2022
20 Tips to Keep the Conversation Flowing on Your Dating Apps

Even the best online dating app features require a bit of effort to keep the sparks alive.

If you're new to Christian dating Australia, our list of 20 recommendations from the Best10Dating team will have you flirting like an expert!

It can feel awkward to find something new to talk about on the best online dating app, but a few tricks up your sleeve could make a huge difference to your dating experiences.

1. Talk About Music

Music can tell you a lot about someone's personality - and sharing the songs you've been listening to that day is a brilliant way to engage and talk about your everyday life.

Discussing favourite bands, gigs and singers is an easy conversation that anybody can get into!

2. Watch a Series Together

Most of us watch Netflix or an alternative TV streaming service, so it's an opportunity to have something in common that makes chatting so much easier.

If your online date suggests a show, be sure to give it a go, to demonstrate that you've been paying attention.

3. Share the Drama in Your Day

Even if your day has been pretty boring, talking about things that happened, disasters at work, chaos on the tube or getting soaked on the run into the office will all make your match smile.

Online chats don't need to be 100% serious, so don't be afraid to reveal the sillier side of your personality.

4. Explain Why You Haven't Replied

Injecting a little humour into the messaging isn't ever a bad thing. If you've taken a bit of time away from online christian dating app or feel under pressure to justify why you haven't responded will lighten the atmosphere.

Try explaining that you've lost your phone charger, and it'll be easier to slip back into a rapport without the awkwardness.

5. Talk About Exactly What You're Doing

  • Baking banana bread?
  • Filling in an online job application?
  • Just woken up from a nap?

Discussing what you're doing at that exact moment (even if it's the ironing!) is a tiny sneak peek into your private world and can foster a sense of closeness and connection, even through a digital chat.

6. Ask What's Happened Since Your Last Message

Inviting your match to answer questions without being intrusive means they'll feel like you're interested in their life and what they have to say.

Ask if anything exciting has happened, and you open up a door for a new conversation to begin.

7. Be Playful If You've Been Left Hanging

It's horrible to be waiting for a reply for days on end, but there's also the potential that your match has been snowed under with work or read your message and got distracted and has no idea they haven't responded!

Try, 'I mean, it's been a week, but I thought I'd message to make sure you haven't forgotten me!'

8. Be Silly

Offering to pick up something from the shop or asking if they want you to save a slice of pizza is funny, silly and conjures up an image of what it might be like to meet on a real-life date!

9. Go For Open-Ended Questions

There are many ways to generate a response and find a new topic to discuss - think about what's been going on for you today - it's a lot easier for anyone to reply than to a closed question that invites a yes or no answer.

10. Fall Back on an Icebreaker

Icebreakers are tried and tested ways to begin the flow. Try and identify the things you like most about this person or what you're intrigued by, and go for it!

You could ask why they decided to go into their chosen career, what they love about their city, or something similar.

11. Encourage a Continuous Exchange

If your match tells you something, and you reply with a one-word answer or emojis, they'll probably feel that you're not vested in the conversation.

Try injecting participation, even if you're genuinely waiting to see what they say next.

12. Try the Weather if You're Stuck for Ideas

Sure, the weather isn't sexy. But, if you're in the same town or city, it's something you can use to get a faltering conversation back on track.

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13. Ask About Holiday Plans

Everyone looks forward to bank holidays and festivities, so asking about plans for an upcoming holiday will give you an insight into how they spend their free time.

14. Change the Subject

Some subjects naturally die out. If you've exhausted the topic, make an abrupt pivot and lead it somewhere completely different!

15. Play a Text-Based Game

Games can be fun, interesting and provide a natural way to keep those inbox pings going back and forth on a dating site.

Options include:

  • Would You Rather - make it as silly, funny or ridiculous as you like!
  • Never Ever Have I Ever - again, it doesn't need to be raunchy but could be about countries you have visited or foods you have eaten.

16. Ask What They're Thinking

Simple, obvious, and clear.

17. Tell a Joke

Even if your best jokes came out of a crumby cracker, it'd give you something to laugh about and bring positivity to the conversation!

18. Suggest a Date

When you've met someone you like online, but the messages seem to be heading nowhere, it might simply be that one or the other of you isn't great at online dialogues.

Think it's worth a shot? Meet up for a coffee!

19. Get Into Your Relationship Values

It's a bit deep for the first few conversations, but if you're both on an online dating site, you've got a pretty good idea about what you're hoping to find.

Worst-case scenario, you don't share the same aspirations, in which case you'll know your time isn't best spent conversing with this person.

20. Be Honest When You Don't Have Time

If you're truly in a rush, and can't respond, be honest and say that you'd love to chat, but you've got a big deadline.

That gives you a great way to get back into the conversation when you're more relaxed, and you can elaborate on what was pressuring your time as a nice way to resume the chat.

Lauren Edwards-Fowle
Lauren Edwards-Fowle
Lauren is a freelance writer passionate about how we develop rewarding experiences, and overcoming the barriers we face to living our best lives. Lauren writes regularly about the modern world of dating, relationships, parenthood, and social dynamics.