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How to Pick the Best Christian Dating Sites: Salt vs ChristianFreeandSingle

April 29, 2022
How to Pick the Best Christian Dating Sites: Salt vs ChristianFreeandSingle

Christian dating sites are massively popular, helping singles looking for partnership and traditional relationship values - in stark contrast to the swipe-dating phenomenon!

One of the interesting things is that Christian dating apps attract many people, including those who perhaps wouldn't identify as religious but want commitment rather than a casual dating experience.

Sites where everyone is authentic and searching for a life partner, are a bit of an antidote to the hookup generation and are booming in the post-pandemic climate.

But, if you know you're after the best Christian dating sites UK, how can you choose between the reams of competitors getting in on the trend?

Today the Best10DatingGuide reviewers unpick ChristianFreeandSingle vs Salt to give you our recommendation for the site that comes out on top.

Comparing the Top Christian Dating Sites

The basics of ChristianFreeandSingle and Salt are pretty similar - you can sign up for free, create a profile, and match with Christian dating users in your nearby area.

Both have an optional upgrade (with perks such as added features and greater visibility) and are used by thousands of members across the UK and further afield.

We've looked into the differentials to help you make an informed decision - and here are the key variances:

  • Salt doesn't allow you to message somebody you haven't matched with, and lots of App Store Reviews advise that it can take months before you connect with a suitable partner.
  • ChristianFreeandSingle doesn't have a separate mobile app, although the website is optimised so that you can date as normal through your mobile browser. Salt, conversely, doesn't have a desktop site, so your decision might be influenced by how you prefer to connect!
  • You find matches on Salt by swiping, which some people find off-putting - it's a very different type of app to Tinder, but the functionality feels a little close for comfort.

It's also worth pointing out that prices on ChristianFreeandSingle are transparent and easy to find (scroll down for a summary!).

However, you'll have to download Salt and create a profile before you're allowed to see how much it'll cost.

As a general rule, we prefer that information be displayed, so you don't feel pressured to sign up at a higher price than your budget.

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ChristianFreeandSingle vs Salt Dating App Review

As we've mentioned, the premium membership costs on ChristianFreeandSingle are nice and straightforward - it gets more cost-effective the longer you sign up for.

ChristianFreeandSingle Premium Prices

  • One month: £24.95
  • Three months: £49.95
  • Six months: £79.95

You can use a free account for as long as you like, although you have limited messages, so you need to ration your responses each day!

Salt is similar, with a restricted swipe count, and you can pay to upgrade.

Salt Premium Prices

  • One week: £10.99
  • One month: £21.99
  • Three months: £43.99
  • Twelve months: £89.99

There is a caveat here: the app shows slightly different prices per month compared to the advertised cost of each subscription option.

For example, a three-month account shows a price of £43.99, but the billing information indicates a monthly charge of £15.

Likewise, an annual account should cost £89.99 but with £7 a month deducted, that adds up to £84, so there's something slightly off about the pricing schedule!

Salt works out slightly cheaper for a three-month subscription, but it's a bit of a shame that the rates are a little messy - and that you don't get the option of signing up for six months. It's either three months or an entire year.

Picking the Best Christian Dating Sites UK

Are you still stuck on choosing which Christian dating app is best for you? Below we've run through a few FAQs to help you judge where you're likely to have the most success.

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What is the Number One Christian Dating Platform?

Our highest recommended Christian dating site is eHarmony - although it's not exclusively Christian, it is a relationship dating platform for members serious about a long-term commitment.

We rate EHarmony 9.9 out of ten because the advanced matching algorithm is a best-in-class service!

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Are Christian Dating Sites Any Good?

Conventional faith-based dating sites tend to be outdated, old fashioned and clunky - but that's all changing with new competitors such as the sites we've discussed here.

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How Do I Meet Christian Singles in My Local Area?

Online dating might not seem a traditional way to meet a spouse, but it's become the most successful way to meet singles that share your beliefs and values.

You can set up your profile and preferences to dictate which matches you receive, select privacy options to protect your information, and decide who to message in your own time and space.

For more reviews, detailed insights and pricing comparisons, please visit the Best10Dating Christian Dating pages, where you'll find all our recommendations, score out of ten, and a cheeky discount code or two!

Final note: Please contact us if you would like to leave your own Salt Christian dating app review. We'd love to hear from you!

Lauren Edwards-Fowle
Lauren Edwards-Fowle
Lauren is a freelance writer passionate about how we develop rewarding experiences, and overcoming the barriers we face to living our best lives. Lauren writes regularly about the modern world of dating, relationships, parenthood, and social dynamics.