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How to Write a Great Dating Profile

February 17, 2021
How to Write a Great Dating Profile

Writing your profile can feel like a daunting challenge. You want to come across as the best version of yourself, but not make it too over the top, or risk exaggerating so much it looks like you're catfishing.

There is a massive range of formats and layouts, and you'll likely find that different dating sites have different types of profiles. For example:

  • Some apps will permit one profile photo, whereas others have room for whole albums and video clips.
  • Hookup dating sites will usually be relatively sparse, with a sentence or two about your age and location. Serious relationship platforms are more likely to have reams of questions about your relationship values, interests and personality.
  • In some cases, you have a minimum number of characters you have to include under each field - or even mandatory boxes that can put you on the spot.

In this guide, the Best10 team runs through our straightforward tips to writing a great dating profile that will get you noticed, for all the right reasons!For inspiration, check out our top-rated dating platforms and have a look at some of the profiles that catch your eye for fresh ideas about how to create a unique account.

The Profile Picture

Just about every dating site will allow you to upload a profile photo. This part of the profile is the best opportunity to make a great first impression and stand out from the crowd!

However, it's also the bit where a lot of single folks get it horribly wrong. Nobody cares about your washboard abs or jet-set lifestyle on a relationship matchmaking site (it might work on a casual dating app, though!).

Posting a photo with your Mum, dog, or BFF might seem cute, but it's a massive turn off and obscures your personality, which can't shine through when you're a small part of the image.

  • Always, always, choose a profile photo of your face.
  • Make it clear, and in good lighting.
  • Smile - positivity is contagious, and far more attractive than a sultry (or sullen) expression.
  • Don't wear sunglasses, a big floppy hat or anything that hides your face.
  • Never EVER photoshop your profile photo. If you think that sounds obvious, you'd be amazed how many terrible photoshop jobs there are on dating sites!

It's always best to choose a recent photo, especially if you've changed your hair, shaved off your beard or look a bit different.

Should you not have a recent photo you like, take a new one or get a friend to help.

Describing Yourself

Argh, I can feel myself groaning at just the thought! 

Those question boxes that require you to describe yourself in xxx characters or less can feel like an uphill struggle; because who spends that amount of time analysing their personality that they can summarise it in a couple of sentences?

Here are a few tricks to make it a lot easier to answer:

Don't worry about the detail.

If you're an arty person who loves photography, redecorating and decoupaging your bike, that's awesome, but also a bit too much info for a quick snapshot of your personality. Say you're creative and love art, and that's perfect!

Keep it short.

Choose, say three or four key things that you think any new person in your life needs to know.

That might be that you are funny and goofy. Perhaps you are outgoing and confident. You might be a quiet person who prefers to spend time cosying up at home.

If you're stuck, ask a couple of trusted friends what they would say the more important parts of your personality are.

Try not to be so humble you knock yourself!

We're all used to being self-deprecating, and avoiding sounding arrogant - but that can work against you on a dating site. If you're funny, you're funny, and there's nothing wrong with saying so.

If you're totally stuck and can't think of a single stand out personality trait, think about what sort of relationship you want, rather than as yourself in the third person.

For example, you could say that you're looking for a long-term, loyal relationship with someone who loves black and white movies as much as you do; and you've summarised your characteristics without really trying!

Explain What You're Looking For

This bit is another common stumbling block. How can you possibly know whom you'd like to meet if you haven't met them yet?

I'd say it's crucial to focus on your ideal love's character, not what they look like. All too often we see dating profiles looking for the typical tall, dark stranger, or a curvy blonde - and actually, that person just wants to meet someone they are physically attracted to.

Don’t be led by your exes into thinking you have a type (it's not really a thing, ya know!).

Describe what your dream relationship would feel like, not what it would look like, and avoid discounting hundreds of potential dates which would be a match made in heaven.

  • Values matter more than anything else. Do you want someone who values health and staying fit? Say that, rather than that you'll only date ripped guys with massive pecs who have a bodyweight of under 15%.
  • You can mention your passions, and what you'd like someone else to share with you. It could be walking your dog, distance running, reading books or gourmet coffee.
  • Think about your lifestyle, and what you're not willing to compromise on. If your date needs to be happy sharing a bottle of wine with you, for example, you don't want to say 'must be a drinker'! Instead, you want to say that you're searching for someone who would enjoy spending evenings at a wine bar with you.

When you get to the 'what I'm looking for' stage, anyone reading your profile has probably seen your photo, read your About Me bits and is still reading, so it's always worth filling in this section, even if you’re keen to leave it till later.

The Recipe for a Great Dating Profile

Much of the rest of the profile information is pretty basic. You might be asked for your age, height, location, horoscope etc., and can fill that all in without a lot of thought.

The key in every part of your dating profile is always to be positive, honest, and clear about what sort of relationship you want, and what key requirements you have in a compatible partner.

Take your time, don't make it a super high-pressure exercise and, who knows, all that reflection might just help you learn a bit more about yourself!

Lauren Edwards-Fowle
Lauren Edwards-Fowle
Lauren is a freelance writer passionate about how we develop rewarding experiences, and overcoming the barriers we face to living our best lives. Lauren writes regularly about the modern world of dating, relationships, parenthood, and social dynamics.