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New Dater's Advice Guide! Top Tips for Finding the Best Dating Apps!

April 16, 2021
New Dater's Advice Guide! Top Tips for Finding the Best Dating Apps!

Finding the best online dating app is just the start of the journey, and the Best10 team appreciates that it can feel nerve-wracking taking your first foray into the world of online romance!

In this guide, we will explain why it's essential to use resources such as our recommendations for dating sites in Montreal to ensure you have all the confidence you need to meet a perfect match.

Much of online dating is simply knowing how the process works and understanding the importance of filling in all the profile fields.

We'd invite you to take the time to browse through our recommendations for the best dating sites in Canada to ensure you make the right choice!

Identify What You're Looking For

So, one of the crucial things to understand about online dating is that there aren't a limited number of apps that will be right for every person.

The Best10 team, for example, reviews dating platforms across the world, including in Canada, the US, the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

It makes sense that if you're looking for the best dating sites in Montreal, you're not going to get very far searching for compatible guys or girls on the other side of the world!

Within each country, there are also a vast number of relationship types, demographics, age groups and regions, so before you make any sudden decisions about where to register, think about:

  • Whether you want to settle down with your forever partner and need a relationship dating service for long-term romance.
  • If you're only looking for something short-term, fun and casual, for example, following a break-up!
  • Perhaps you're not sure what you're looking for (which is A-OK!) and hope to test the water, see who is out there, and take it from there.

We also categorize dating apps into several of the most popular sections.

The idea is that you can flick through the best-ranked dating apps in your specific niche, saving time and wasted energy (and subscription dollars!) on services that aren't right for you.

That could be senior dating if you want to meet mature singles or professional dating if you know your ideal partner will be on a similar career path as you.

Perhaps you'll opt for single-parent dating if you want to know that having kids isn't going to be a stumbling block for a new relationship.

Our number one piece of advice is to think about what you want from the experience and then select your preferred dating app accordingly - never the other way around.

Take Time Building Up a Profile

So, you have a defined idea of your relationship goals, and you've worked through the Best10 rankings to find the best online dating app for you - sorted, right!

Not entirely, because registering is the first step. You can't realistically expect to receive hundreds of inbox messages from attractive strangers just for joining, and a word of warning that, if you experience this, the site likely uses bots.

That scenario means you have to pay for a subscription or upgrade to access those messages and get tricked into parting with cash to read messages that aren't authentic, and you'll likely never hear from again!

Back to the point - your profile means everything.

It's not just a case of choosing a hot photo, answering a few dropdown boxes and then waiting for the date invitations to fly in.

Modern dating apps use algorithms to identify compatibility markers and personality types and then suggest matches based on that information.

If your profile doesn't contain much detail apart from your age and a photo, you won't get suitable quality matches.

We'd recommend filling in every text field offered and dedicating some time to those slightly tedious personality quizzes because they'll make a profound difference in your success.

Trust In the Process

Finally, it's very common for new online daters to have unrealistic expectations of how a dating service works or how much effort they'll need to put in.

Here are a few myths that we'd like to dispel!
  • The best dating sites are secure, and they're private.

You don't need to use a photo of your dog instead of your face to protect against identity fraud. You can use your real name instead of a 'cute' screen name.

While security is imperative, you don't need to treat every person who messages you as if they're mining for financial details.

  • Online dating takes as much time as real-life romance.

As we've discovered, you need to put effort into creating a good profile and researching the right dating site for your relationship aspirations.

You won't get dozens of immediate matches, and it can take a few months on a dating site before a really promising prospect appears.

New people join dating sites every single day, so don't despair if you didn't find your dream spouse on the first go - trust the process, and good things will follow.

  • Appearance isn't the be-all and end-all of happiness.

Now, there’s little point in dating someone you aren't attracted to, but it's also essential to avoid putting yourself in a box and limiting your potential.

By that, we mean that even if you have a 'type,' you might fix your parameters to a specific age, height, eye colour, music tastes, sports hobbies or location.

Doing that means you might be missing out on meeting incredible people who are a little different from your previous partners.

Indeed, if you’re trying out online dating, it's pretty definite that past relationships didn't pan out, so be open and interested in folks who pluck up the courage to message you, and don't slam the door shut if they don't fit into a precise mould!

  • Dating sites aren't just for hookups.

Last but not least, there are indeed millions of hookup apps.

They can be a fantastic way for people who want intimacy and a personal connection, without commitment, to meet like-minded men or women and prioritize their needs.

However, it's crucial to recognize that just as many dating sites are there for single people who yearn for a long-term relationship or want to settle down and build a family with somebody eligible.

Always do your homework, make sure the dating app you choose aligns with your goals, and enjoy the journey - wherever it might lead!

Lauren Edwards-Fowle
Lauren Edwards-Fowle
Lauren is a freelance writer passionate about how we develop rewarding experiences, and overcoming the barriers we face to living our best lives. Lauren writes regularly about the modern world of dating, relationships, parenthood, and social dynamics.