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Online Dating Industry: The Business of Love

March 25, 2021
Online Dating Industry: The Business of Love

Dating is serious business and is a sector estimated to be worth a whopping $4.36 billion in US dollars by the end of 2023. Therefore, as a single person looking for romance, it's vital you seek independent advice from verified reviewers to choose the best online dating app that delivers a service - rather than being a money trap.

There are millions of sites and platforms, each purporting to be the best one, but we've all heard those bad experiences of spending a small fortune on a subscription just to waste time chatting to bots!

This challenge is the primary reason Best10 exists. We want to:

  • Champion the best online dating apps that deliver outstanding services.
  • Help single folks around the world find happiness and romance.
  • Cut through the noise and provide real-life reviews that matter.
  • Eliminate fake paid-for reviews that sucker in singles to pay for shoddy memberships.

While there are lots of apps that aren't worth a penny, there are many more that quietly work away, matching men and women, forming connections and making the world a slightly less demanding place to be - and Best10 is here to shine a spotlight on them.

How Can I Find the Website Best in Online Dating?

Online dating has become THE best way to meet new people and has grown exponentially in the post-pandemic era when it's become that much more challenging to socialize and meet singles face-to-face.

In fact, around 12% of young adults under 29 met their current partner through an online dating app - demonstrating how popular and widespread cyber dates have become!

You can find over 1,500 dating apps out there, and given the variance between the best and the worst, the only way to reliably choose the best among those is to rely on independent reviews.

Best10 produces honest, open accounts of our experiences on each dating platform - and we don't 'sell' rankings or advertising space, no matter how high the bid!

That means you can rest assured that if we've endorsed a dating site and included it in our top rankings, we feel confident the service is a valuable one and will make a difference to your romantic endeavours.

All this adds up to a need to be clear about what it is you're looking for. As an example, if you're one of the 12% of online daters aged between 55 and 64, a mature dating site is undoubtedly the best online dating website for you to meet single folks of a similar age and with compatible relationship aspirations!

Hence the Best10 reviews being sorted into categories to make it faster to find your niche - we cover:

  • Christian dating apps.
  • Single parent matchmaking.
  • Sites for professionals and divorcees.
  • Plus-size and BBW apps.
  • Senior dating websites.

By checking out rankings and reviews, you can get a good idea about subscription costs, membership demographics, messaging services and how well the matchmaking service works before you have spent a penny!

What Sort of People Use the Best Online Dating Websites?

Who doesn't? I'm being flippant here, but if you're struggling to meet new people, are in a dating rut, or want to put out a tentative toe into the online dating pool for the first time, you're in great company!

One of the reasons so many adults choosing an online dating app is because:

  • They're bogged down with other commitments and never seem to get time to spend letting their hair down and meeting new folks.
  • It's safer - you can verify a profile online, view photo albums, browse incognito, and chat for as long as you need to determine whether someone feels like a person you'd like to meet in person.
  • Matchmaking is faster and eliminates a lot of the risk of wasting time on a bad first date. If you already know your date loves the same music as you, is a crazy good roller skater and lives a ten-minute drive away, you're in a perfect position to connect, knowing you have at least some compatibility points.
  • Online dating is flexible. The best online dating apps work on any mobile, and you can take your chats (and cheeky flirts!) with you wherever you go. That means if you want to meet up for a coffee on your lunch break or find yourself with a few private moments on your commute, you can keep that conversation going without having to take a rain check on your schedule.

Again, the best online dating website for you will be one where there are similar users in your local area and looking for the same sort of relationship as you.

There is a misconception that online apps are all about hookups and casual sex, and 48% of online daters indeed want 'fun' rather than something more serious.

However, that means 52% of those millions of users seek authentic relationships, love and commitment. So, provided you don't mistakenly join a hookup dating service, you'll find that users are genuine people who haven't been lucky enough to stumble across their soulmate yet.

Why is Online Dating So Popular?

There are so many reasons, but one of the key positives is that the best websites provide each person with an opportunity to meet thousands of singles at once. We're all so busy all the time and yet can often seem to circulate in the same old social circles.

It isn't always easy to try a new hobby or introduce yourself to strangers, so online dating is a lifeline for single men and women who haven't met a like-minded eligible person and want to expand their horizons a little further.

The other significant benefit is that you can be as picky or as broad as you like! Search options on the best online dating apps mean you can filter by literally any parameter that matters to you and ensure you only message people who meet your must-haves.

That could be religion, location, age, lifestyle, height, personality, eye colour, shoe size. If it matters to you, it's a good enough reason to make it a prerequisite for anybody you decide to meet up with.

Lauren Edwards-Fowle
Lauren Edwards-Fowle
Lauren is a freelance writer passionate about how we develop rewarding experiences, and overcoming the barriers we face to living our best lives. Lauren writes regularly about the modern world of dating, relationships, parenthood, and social dynamics.