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Ten Tips for Successful Single Dad Dating (& Which Sites to Join!)

May 23, 2022
Ten Tips for Successful Single Dad Dating (& Which Sites to Join!)

There are tons of amazing dating sites for single parents - but many seem to focus on Mums and leave the Dads feeling left out.

We all know that single parent dating is tough, and it's a big ask trying to juggle kids, a social life, running a home and factoring a little romance into the mix, so the Best10Dating team thought it high time we looked at some advice for single Dad dating.

Below we'll run through our ten tips to get you started.

1. Create a List of Real Priorities

There's little worse than wasting time on a date you know isn't going anywhere, especially when you're time-poor and hours away from the kids come at a pretty steep babysitter cost.

Make that list, and protect it. When you spot a red flag, don't gloss it over, but be truthful with yourself about whether - one day - you can see yourself introducing this woman to your kids.

2. Use a Single Parent Dating App to Connect

No blind dates, awkward silences or terrible mismatches in sight. Chat on the phone, and use those dating site tools that are there to help you.

Profile pics and a cute bio don't tell you anything about someone's personality, so talk (not text!) or video call. Consider it an ice-breaker or an unofficial first date to see whether there's something there.

3. Be Yourself (Yes, Really!)

There's an unspoken belief that you need to play it super cool or go overboard with the romance, but forget the Insta stories and keep it real.

You don't have a role to play; you're a single parent looking for someone to connect with, and who you are is A-Okay.

Whether that's a bit dorky, silly, serious, or passionate, it's perfect.

About 75% of happily married couples start as friends because they had a genuine rapport that blossomed into something else (apologies for the cliché!).

4. Take the Single Parent Dating Leap

Argh, it's so tense making the first move!

So what. Women often have a natural guard up, and yes, that's understandable in today's world (imagine a random guy coming to chat with you on the street!).

However, if you're using a great single parent dating app, you're in a safe space, and it pays to be a little vulnerable and say you're attracted to a woman.

Hold your tongue at your own risk - it's a busy old dating pool!

5. Join Single Parents Forums WHEN YOU ARE READY

If you're not really into it, and you're putting about 50% of your energy into your dating messages, that's exactly what you'll get back.

Don't try to rush back into it when you are emotionally unavailable - save yourself for the right time, and it'll save a lot of pain.

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6. But Don't Put Single Parent Dating on the Back Foot Forever

Break free of the judgement cloud around dating as a single parent.

Take the space to mourn your old relationship, or don't - whatever feels right to you. If anyone questions your choices, be confident enough in your self-belief to stick to your guns.

7. Keep Some Time Aside to Be Alone

We can't stress this enough! Being Mum and Dad in one means you're likely forever dealing with wants, needs, demands, school runs, homework, laundry, bath times, and sports clubs.

While dating can be massively fun, exciting, and a step towards a positive future, it's just one fraction of the puzzle that makes up a fulfilled parent.

If you're working alongside everything else, it's essential to carve out a tiny slice of the week.

Whether that's an hour at the gym, a soak in the tub, a chilled walk, or a pint with friends, recognise how important it is to safeguard a little space where you can be nothing other than you.

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8. Don't Leap at the First Single Parent Dating App Match

Dating isn't a chore to tick off a to-do list.

Finding a new partner, someone compatible with your relationship values and personality - and who you're happy being part of your kid's lives is a big deal.

It's common as a single parent to go headfirst into a dating opportunity, often with disastrous outcomes.

Take it slow, and keep your dates separate from your home life until you're 100% sure it's meant to be.

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9. Put Your Happiness as Number One

Settling for someone you think will be a great stepparent isn't beneficial to anybody.

Not for you, your kids, or for a date that thinks they're loved and cherished but is a glorified nanny.

Make sure you only choose a date that truly makes you feel happy and that authenticity could be the starting point of something special.

10. Always Be Open and Honest With Other Single Parents

Perhaps the trickiest bit of dating as a single parent is communicating with your ex - but it's got to be done if you're co-parenting.

A simple gesture to let them know you are dating again can resolve a lot of future conflict and help balance the scales so you can all move forward together.

Unsure how to kick start your new single Dad dating adventures?

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Lauren Edwards-Fowle
Lauren Edwards-Fowle
Lauren is a freelance writer passionate about how we develop rewarding experiences, and overcoming the barriers we face to living our best lives. Lauren writes regularly about the modern world of dating, relationships, parenthood, and social dynamics.