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Dating Apps For Single Parents - Comparing the Top Four Sites!

April 29, 2022
Dating Apps For Single Parents - Comparing the Top Four Sites!

No matter your family situation, the dating scene can be high pressure - and that gets even tougher for thousands of single parents who don't have the emotional energy or physical time to waste on dates that aren't going anywhere!

This Best10DatingGuide compares the top four dating apps for single parents to give you a quick-fire list of what's on offer to help you choose the right dating site.

EHarmony for Single Parents

EHarmony has been around forever, and it's a solid bet for single parents with an innovative matching algorithm that provides detailed suggestions based on an initial questionnaire.

Just about every one of the millions of users is serious about long-term relationships (or they're actively looking for a spouse!).

The big plus is that your matches are all accompanied by a compatibility score, so you get a very clear idea about who you're best suited to and whether you share aligned values and lifestyles.

EHarmony conclusion - best for single parents that don't have time for hours of swiping!

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Match Single Parent Dating App

Match is similarly all about relationship dating (no hookups here!).

It's also the largest global dating service, so you get more potential matches than anywhere else - even if you're only looking for one special person.

There is a basic membership option, but it's rather limited. You can create a profile and search other members, but that's about it with the free version. The premium plans are pretty affordable.

Match conclusion - best for single parents who want to keep control of their connections and be proactive about online dating.

Elite Singles for Single Parent Dating

Elite Singles is way more friendly and accessible than the name suggests! It's not solely focused on wealth (although some members are), but it's a great option if you're not interested in squandering time on somebody you know wouldn't slot into your life.

Premium membership costs are high, but most singles have decent careers and university educations.

Elite Singles conclusion - best for single parents wanting to date people with similar careers, lifestyles or education.

Compare the costs of eHarmony, Match & Elite Singles here

MeetSingleParentMe - Dedicated to Single Parents

The advantage of MeetSingleParentMe is that it's one (of very few!) dating apps specifically designed for single parents - there's less than a slim chance you'll chat to someone who doesn't have kids.

If you've tried other dating sites & gotten tired of the awkward conversations - oh, you have CHILDREN? - this is your go-to.

What's nice is that it's a bit of a community, so you can dive into a group chat feature and potentially meet friends as well as dates.

MeetSingleParentMe - best for single parents who only want to meet other single Mums or Dads.

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Single Parent Dating FAQs

Unsure whether you're ready to launch into the world of digital parent dates?

Here are a few FAQs to help answer the most common questions:

How Do Single Mums Date Online?

Dating can be hellishly hard when juggling school runs, bedtimes and a limitless supply of fish fingers - so most single parents prefer a dating app to take out the uncertainty and legwork.

A typical approach is to avoid scrolling and swiping all day (it's a great way to burn hours you don't have!) and sit down to check messages and respond to those you like in the evening.

Is There an App for Single Mums?

All of the top single parent dating apps we've discussed here are suited to both single moms and dads!

What Do Single Mums Look for When Dating?

Most single Mums prioritise commitment, security and honesty, so it's not a time to make vague promises or try and establish a relationship if you'd prefer something casual.

However, never assume a single Mum is looking for a 'new Dad' for her kids - it's far more likely she's been through a rough break-up before and will have a solid sense of self-worth and what she wants from a long-term relationship.

What is the Best Dating App for Single Mums?

Every dating app has pros and cons, and a lot of the time, it's up to you to decide which interface you prefer.

Maybe you're keen on having hand-picked matches delivered to your inbox (EHarmony), aren't interested in dating non-parents (MeetSingleParentMe) or only want to date singles with a similar income to yourself (Elite Singles).

If you need more info, please visit the Best10DatingGuide single parent reviews for an insight into what each app and site offers!

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What is the Most Important Question to Ask on a First Date?

You'll find countless guides that tell you the one question you MUST ask, but the reality is every couple is different, and what matters most to you might not to someone else.

Yes, it's a great opportunity to talk about relationship values, but our advice is to settle back, enjoy the time, and ask whatever springs to mind to help you know this person a little better.

Lauren Edwards-Fowle
Lauren Edwards-Fowle
Lauren is a freelance writer passionate about how we develop rewarding experiences, and overcoming the barriers we face to living our best lives. Lauren writes regularly about the modern world of dating, relationships, parenthood, and social dynamics.