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The Top Four Christian Dating Sites With a Great Mobile App

May 23, 2022
The Top Four Christian Dating Sites With a Great Mobile App

Christian dating is a big deal and something that you've undoubtedly heard of if you're a regular churchgoer or part of a congregation!

However, it's also no secret that many faith-based sites are a bit behind the times without an app and user-friendly interface that makes dating fun.

In this guide, Best10Dating introduces four of the best Christian dating sites out there, and how they score when it comes to an app, you can message through via your smartphone.

Best Christian Dating Sites With an App: eHarmony

Ok, so we'll start with a caveat - because eHarmony isn't a specifically Christian dating site; but it's better than most!

What is eHarmony doing on this list (I hear you ask)?

Well, it's a dating site grounded in relationships and marriage, so there's no swipe-dating or casual hookups here. Therefore, a great deal of the members are Christian or at least follow Christian values.

There's also the small matter of this being the top dating app in the world for marriages. Somebody finds a long-term relationship on the site every 14 minutes, and eHarmony accounts for more weddings than any other dating service ever.

  • App available on iOS App Store and Google Play
  • Rated three stars after 49,790 reviews on Google Play
  • Rated 3.6 stars on iOS after 1,900 reviews

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Digital Christian Dating Sites UK: ChristianFreeandSingle

Now for our second caveat - hey, we're on a roll! But the reason here is that ChristianFreeandSingle doesn't have an app.

But, we think it falls into the category of an advanced Christian dating site. It is digital-ready for every browser and mobile operating system, so you're not confined to a desktop.

What's to like about this dating app-that-isn't-an-app?

  • There's a great split of members (46% women and 54% men), so you won't be underwhelmed by the user base regardless of your gender.
  • Most of the features are free of charge, which is unusual. You will have to upgrade if you want some premium tools, but a mobile-optimised site is still impressive for a freebie.
  • You get a Live Chat feature. Most of the best mobile functionality is to do with instant chats, and you still get that, but through your browser window instead.

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Modern Christian Dating: Elite Singles

Now to Elite Singles, and, you guessed it, there's a hiccup here because this isn't a solely Christian dating site either!

We've established a pattern that if you’re after contemporary, on-demand Christian dating, it pays to look beyond the horizon a little and expand your mindset to consider alternative dating apps that still meet your needs.

Elite Singles has evolved quite a lot since its inception, and it's less elite and more sensible - as sexy as that sounds! But the focus here is meeting people who share your life goals and aspirations, have a steady, reliable profession and are ready to settle down with a partner.

It’s got a great app, a large user base, and a library of excellent features to play around with.

  • App available on iOS App Store and Google Play
  • Rated two stars after 12,411 reviews on Google Play
  • Rated 3.3 stars on iOS after 9,800 reviews

App-Based Christian Dating Sites: MeetChristianMe

Our fourth and final Christian dating option to consider is MeetChristianMe, and (hold onto your hat) it doesn't have an app either.

However, we like this as a faith-based dating site because it is dramatically younger and more exciting than most contenders out there.

You can log in on your mobile, send messages for free (up to a daily cap), and really just date like on any other site, except that everyone there is Christian - which is what all Christian apps should be.

It's clean, loads fast, and has a tidy interface that's easy to navigate - and you don't have to fork out for a subscription unless you’re happy with the experience.

  • Allows private messaging, even on a free account (with a limit per day).
  • There are lots of games and tools like Meet Me to pass the time on your commute.
  • Detailed search terms by age and other parameters.

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Why Don't Most Christian Dating Sites Have an App?

It makes sense to have an app for the younger generation of Christian singles. You can only meet so many people when you're at church, and you’ll have your deal breakers too - there's nothing to say you'll fall for anybody who happens to be Christian!

However, faith-based dating tends to lean towards more conventional sites and has been slow to pick up on the trend for accessible, enjoyable apps.

Fortunately, some front-runners are bucking the norm and introducing mobile-friendly sites, intuitive web applications, and useful apps you can get in an app store.

Try any of the four Christian sites we've listed here, and we're confident you'll have a great user experience that doesn't stall every time you need to load a picture. 

Lauren Edwards-Fowle
Lauren Edwards-Fowle
Lauren is a freelance writer passionate about how we develop rewarding experiences, and overcoming the barriers we face to living our best lives. Lauren writes regularly about the modern world of dating, relationships, parenthood, and social dynamics.