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Tips for Meeting Men or Women Online Genuinely Interested in Dating

May 18, 2021
Tips for Meeting Men or Women Online Genuinely Interested in Dating

Every guide to dating apps will differentiate between authentic relationship dating sites and hookup apps - and it's a vital consideration if you're looking for actual dates!

The issue with digital dating is that, while there are millions of men and women online, a great deal use fake profile images or casual dating sites since they don't anticipate it leading to anything special.

While there are lots of tips and tricks for getting the most out of the best dating app in UK regions, here we'll focus on how to connect with genuine guys and girls who are looking for real-world dates.

The Best10 Guide to Meeting Connections Online

Ok, so the first place to start is with your choice of dating site.

Real people are like unicorn horns on most apps, given that there is little security.

However, check out our guide to dating apps, and you'll have instant access to the top-rated sites, which put real effort into weeding out the fakes.

If you want to meet bonafide singles in your area, we'd suggest:

  • Opting for smaller, localised dating sites where the people online are more likely to live within a viable distance.
  • Choosing a premium paid-for site. These apps have much stricter rules and moderation, so the accounts are more likely to be authentic.
  • Looking for profiles that show the person's individuality - there's nothing like a generic intro and vague bio to signify someone who's not vested in the experience!

Even the best dating sites can be susceptible to scammers, though, so it doesn't stop there.

How to Spot an Authentic Dating Profile

So, if you're confident you've joined an excellent quality dating site, the next step is to filter through the profiles you choose to connect with.

There are a few simple ways to separate bland, impersonal profiles from genuine people who are all-in when it comes to finding a happy relationship.

Let's run through some of the red flags that a profile isn't worth your time:

  • Their image is heavily filtered, photoshopped, or clearly out of date.
  • The age of the person in the photo doesn't match the bio.
  • They are massively made up - heavy makeup, excessive hair, over the top outfits all signal either insecurity or a need to showboat.

It's also great to keep an eye out for photo galleries with a little more substance than a sultry pout.

We fall in love with a person, which is about a personality, passions, values and character, not just a pretty face.

Dating profiles that give some context - like things they like to do, sports they love, animals they own, pastimes they enjoy - are all a valuable insight into whether you'd make a harmonious couple (or need to run away quickly!).

If you choose our best dating app in UK recommendations, you'll find that these sites give plenty of capacity in every profile to include this depth of detail to make it easier to find a long-term relationship.

The Profile vs Person Divide

Next up, it's time to either put on your detective's hat or take precautions when meeting someone for the first time.

While you're unlikely to meet a faker on a reputable dating site, they do exist - and safety is always king.

There is little so disappointing as meeting someone on a  dating site, feeling like you have a profound connection, and then they turn up in real life looking like the distant third cousin twice removed from that gorgeous guy with the killer smile you've been chatting to for the last fortnight.

Here are some tips from the Best10 dating experts:

  • People should look like their photos. End of. If they don't, walk away.

It isn't just potential catfishing, deception, and perhaps a swollen ego - it's also dishonest and means this person probably can't be trusted.

  • Put as much weight into your conversations as in your photos.

If a person online is passionate about sports, for example, sends you ab snaps and says they're constantly in the gym, it's reasonably likely that's what they'll enjoy talking about.

When they go dead silent when you ask about the weekend's sports results, it might be a ploy.

We've mentioned age, but it's also a massive giveaway.

A grainy photo from Magaluf 10 years ago isn't a good profile photo since there's little to zero chance they still look like that.

Red Flags an Online Dater Isn't Worth Your Time

Red flags are always a popular search term for online dating - because nobody wants to be suckered into investing time in someone who isn't the real deal!

However, we thought we'd turn that on its head and share signs that a person is genuinely interested in dating, with their eyes on the prize of an authentic long-term relationship!

  • They Ask Questions - Lots of Questions

There's a big difference between creepy questions and a psychological evaluation; let's be clear.

Still, someone interested & isn't just a timewaster will tend to ask plenty of questions. Their motivation is to find a connection and something tangible, so they will be less interested in fishing for compliments and more in getting to see whether you have anything in common.

People who constantly talk about themselves are just there for the attention. But, if they're interested in what makes you tick (without asking for your pin code), there's a good chance it's exactly what it appears.

  • They Have Nothing to Hide

Anyone who gets a bit cagey when you ask a seemingly innocent question or suddenly drops a bombshell about their four ex-spouses and small army of kids isn't a trustworthy sort you want in your life.

Look for those folks who are open and honest - even if that means being a little humble or accepting upfront that perhaps some parts of their baggage don't make them the ideal catch.

Let's face it, every single person on a dating site has a past of some sort, and profiles who make an effort to be upfront and won't run screaming if you dare to ask for a bit of context are there for the right reasons.

Lauren Edwards-Fowle
Lauren Edwards-Fowle
Lauren is a freelance writer passionate about how we develop rewarding experiences, and overcoming the barriers we face to living our best lives. Lauren writes regularly about the modern world of dating, relationships, parenthood, and social dynamics.