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How Many People Really Find a Partner on EHarmony?

April 29, 2022
How Many People Really Find a Partner on EHarmony?

We're all about romance, dating and love, in whatever format that works best in your life!

But, however many amazing stories we hear, the Best10Dating team appreciates that thousands of users continue to experience doubt about whether online dating has a real chance of success!

Today we hone in on one of our highest recommended dating sites, EHarmony, and a platform responsible for an incredible 4% of US marriages (!) to walk you through the statistics.

Still not convinced you have the confidence to add to the growing lists of happy couples that have forged a connection through EHarmony?

No sweat - we've compiled a link to some pointers, too, so you'll be off to a flying start.

EHarmony Dating Success Rates

The best place to begin is always with the facts - these are readily available through independent sites such as Statista, showing that, as of April 2020:

  • 4% of all adults aged 18-29 in the US used the site.
  • A higher 7% from 30 to 44 were on EHarmony.
  • Between 3% and 4% of adults aged 45-54, 55-64 and 65+ were members.
  • Although those are US-centric figures, it's a pretty healthy indication that an average of 5% of the whopping 329.5 million American residents are EHarmony members (NB, we make that about 16.5 million potential dates!).

While we can see that EHarmony is hugely popular, creating a vibrant and diverse dating pool, the real question is, how many of those millions of daters find love that lasts?

What is the Success Rate of EHarmony?

The dating service says that it is the secret matchmaker behind two million UK marriages, with 542 new vows exchanged every 20 minutes in the States - that's a whole lot of wedding bells!

It's little wonder that EHarmony regularly finds itself on the list of the top 10 dating sites and is one of the biggest global dating platforms.

Is EHarmony Still One of the Top 10 Dating Sites for Relationships?

As a dating site that's been around for over 20 years, you might be mistaken in assuming that EHarmony is a bit outdated and heading the way of MySpace - but you'd be incorrect.

Although it's got a long history, the app remains up to date, slick and fully functioning for the digital generations that are used to doing everything on their mobiles, whether ordering groceries or finding a partner.

The secret is in the matching process - and it's way more complex than a quick questionnaire and some random matches based on location.

Here's a quick run-through of how it works:

  • EHarmony was founded upon a scientific groundwork built by a clinical psychologist.
  • Each new member is asked to complete a quiz - it takes about 20 minutes, depending on how quickly you work through it.
  • Every suggestion is carefully selected, with 29 compatibility dimensions, from appearance to age, aspirations to faith and personality to career.

The Compatibility Matching System is the secret sauce behind success and why it's well worth signing up for a premium account (there is a freebie version if you're on a tight purse string) since you boost your opportunities to meet new people ten-fold.

Does Anyone Use EHarmony Any More?

Yep - EHarmony is the fourth largest dating site worldwide (based on paying users) with five million UK daters, 60 million globally, and members in over 200 countries.

You might find more people on a swipe-based app like Tinder.
Still, the difference is that EHarmony is a more considered approach, designed for people serious about finding a relationship rather than a quick connection.

Are People Serious on EHarmony?

That's the clue - EHarmony hasn't become a trusted place to find romance without good reason!

It's possible to find hook-ups or casual dates if you look hard enough, but that's not really the point (and it'd take a lot of free time to work through the questionnaire for someone uninterested in authentic dating).

Profiles are in-depth, the algorithm refers back to your dating parameters and preferences, and you get daily match suggestions, so it's a great dating site for those after a committed relationship.

The EHarmony Recipe for Relationship Success

So, we get that the figures are impressive and what EHarmony's all about, but if you're going to sign up for a subscription, it helps to understand the science behind the love stories.

We mentioned the algorithm matching process, so let's look at it in a bit more detail.

Further reading: Pros & Cons of eHarmony

When you answer the sign-up questions, it might feel a bit random - it's anything but.

Each of those questions feeds into a profile that covers six broad categories:

  • Emotional temperament - such as your energy and things you're passionate about.
  • Social preferences, including your character, kindness, adaptability and dominance.
  • Relationship skills - how you communicate, manage conflict, anger and disagreements.
  • Cognitive parameters such as humour, curiosity and intellect.
  • Physical factors such as appearance, physical energy, self-esteem and sexual appetite.
  • Values that are important to you, from family goals to spirituality, ambitions to faith.

The original EHarmony questionnaire had around 400 questions and took upwards of an hour to complete, but that's now been finessed down to a third of the time, with the same level of accuracy!

Although it takes a bit longer to register, this profiling process is essential to ensure any suggestions you get are perfect for you, and every one a potential date whether you feel the sparks flying or not.

Is EHarmony Good for Relationships?

No matter how solid, every relationship is going to have some hurdles to jump.

Maybe you prefer a different take-out, one runs and the other cycles, you have a contrasting bucket list of places to travel or (the BIG one) load the dishwasher differently.

Don't let any of these amazing stats make you feel like it's seamless because finding a date might be, but keeping it going ten years later will always require effort!

However, if your goal is to find a committed partner and build a life together, EHarmony is a good bet.

EHarmony and Single Parent Dating

EHarmony is perfect for single parents looking for romance. You can add details to your profile explaining your family situation, so there aren't any awkward conversations on your first date about your kids!

The best bit is that you don't need to go there just yet if you don't want to.

Your user questionnaire includes information about your family, so you can choose to be matched with other single parents if you'd prefer to meet someone in a similar position - or not, as the case may be.

Am I Better Off With a Single Parent Dating Site or EHarmony?

Best10Dating always includes at least three or four options in our recommendations, partly because the best dating site for you depends on your preferences and which sites you feel most comfortable on.

There are some great dating apps specifically for single parents (such as MeetSingleParentMe). Still, EHarmony is a good option, with a score of 9.9 out of ten awarded by our independent reviews team.

For more advice about the top single parent dating sites or to check out detailed reviews, you can visit our Best UK Dating Site rankings HERE.

EHarmony and Christian Dating

The next big category we receive the most enquiries about is Christian dating.

Millions (upon millions) of people are interested in companionship, friendship and romance but find it tricky to connect with singles that share their faith, values or aspirations.

For many, that's because it gets sticky when you're looking for a date within a small, tight-knit community - and it's rarely a great idea to date someone from your congregation who happens to know your Mum and be besties with your sibling!

EHarmony is equally suited to Christian dating, and it's as simple as including this information during the questionnaire and picking the right options for your dating profile.

Is EHarmony as Good as a Dedicated Christian Dating Site?

EHarmony is a secular site, so although it's fab for faith-based singles, there is still the potential that you'll receive a message from someone who isn't Christian - although it's up to you how you manage messages or permit others to get in touch.

As always, it's your choice about where you feel most comfortable and whether you prefer to have a dating app on your mobile or limited to your laptop to review when you get home at night.

If you're happy to match with anybody who meets all your preferences and shares your values and ethics but isn't necessarily of the same denomination, we'd recommend EHarmony without hesitation.

EHarmony as One of the Top 10 Dating Sites Globally

So, we've got a pretty good idea about how EHarmony works, why it's so successful, and what that translates to in marriages, couples and happily ever afters!

Why is EHarmony still a top dating site after all these years?
We reckon it's all down to adaptability, listening to what users want, and continually refining the app and site.

That keeps everything that makes it special but updates with the times for a slick, user-friendly dating site that's got an excellent chance of finding you your dream date.

As for those tips we mentioned earlier; visit our guide to Top Dating Advice From Married Couples That Met Online for a glimpse into the tips your future self will thank you for.

Alternatively, check out How to Tip an Online Dating Connection Into a Relationship if you're ready to take the plunge and move things one step forward.

Lauren Edwards-Fowle
Lauren Edwards-Fowle
Lauren is a freelance writer passionate about how we develop rewarding experiences, and overcoming the barriers we face to living our best lives. Lauren writes regularly about the modern world of dating, relationships, parenthood, and social dynamics.